How to Play Project Zomboid Build 41

The game Project Zomboid is one of the best zombie games available. The isometric adventure offers a wide range of customization options. However, it can be difficult to adjust to.

There are many loots and undead on these massive maps, and you also need to survive. You can master a vast array of skills and items, and mods add even more.

In a game like this, playing with friends is one of the best things you can do.

how to play project zomboid build 41

So, if you are unaware of how to play the latest version of this game then continue reading.

How to Play Project Zomboid Build 41

The following guide will show you how to opt in to not just Build 41, but to the latest branch of the game as well when it becomes available.

Start by opening your Steam library. Select Project Zomboid from the list of games. The game drop-down menu can be accessed by right-clicking Project Zomboid.

Select the ‘Properties’ option when the menu appears.

You should see a box that contains various settings once you have gone into the properties. The only setting we need is on the left side of this small window, under the ‘Betas’ tab.

Click on the ‘Betas’ tab. Once you have selected your version of the game, you will see a small drop-down box. Select it. You can then select your choice.

There will generally be an option at the bottom for selecting the more experimental but more unstable branch.

When you select this option, Steam will begin to download the Build 41 files so that the game can be updated.

Once the update has been completed, you are ready to rock.

Final Words

You can access Build 41 in Project Zomboid by doing just that.

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