(EASY) How to Pause and Save the Game in Valheim

As you explore Valheim, you’ll find yourself in a harsh and unforgiving open world where each resource you find will be crucial to your survival. In fact, you even have to deal with the weather.

Additionally, there are a variety of monsters and baddies hiding somewhere in the world. And, since the game is constantly in danger, you will want to save your game as often as possible.

how to pause and save game in valheim

Here’s how to save your game in Valheim.

How to Save the Game in Valheim

As you play Valheim, you may notice that they show a saving logo up in the top left corner every now and then. Once the world has been saved, the player will be notified.

In the past, autosaving occurred every 30 minutes. And, in the event of a crash or the game being forced shut down, the world will revert to the last time the world was saved.

But, valheim’s autosave timer was changed in the last update. Now the game will save automatically every 20 minutes instead of every 30 minutes.

This setting cannot be manually changed by the player. However, later updates will be able to change this. As it has been highly requested and the game is still being developed.

There are times, however, when you cannot rely on autosaving. So, a console command in the game can be used to manually save the game.

It may sometimes happen that you lose your progress because the game is in early access. But you can save manually if you want.

The F5 key will open the console, allowing you to save the game. On the console’s screen, you’ll see the version of your game. To see all available commands, type the help command. The command we want is save.

You can force the game to make a save at that point by typing save and pressing enter. A message with the word “Save” and the words “saving” will appear if you do it correctly.

During the saving or loading process, be sure not to close the game, otherwise corrupted data will result, and you will lose your progress.

How to Pause the Game in Valheim

The current state of the game in Valheim does not allow players to pause it. It is not possible to pause the game in Valheim, as there is a continuous server running.

And, the game continues to run even if you press the ESC key or go through the options. No matter where you are in your inventory or the options menu, you can still be killed and things can happen to you.

If you want the game state to remain the same, you must save the game. When your session ends, the game will automatically save. To exit the game, press the Logout button in the ESC menu.

When you stop playing, your character will remain in the exact same position. Logging out will not affect your progress in any way. But, it may be frustrating to some players.

Some players may just want to stop playing the game for a minute and not want to have to reload the game.

So, if you are away from your computer, you should leave your character in a safe place without having to log out. A good place to leave a character is either in the bubble that protects the trader or in a safe spot in your base.

Final Words

Early access is still available for the game. And, its mechanics and features may change in the future. So, perhaps one day the game will have a pause button.

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