How to Move Furniture and Items in Valheim

Are you unhappy with the layout of your base in Valheim?

Sometimes, it may be necessary to make space for those new trophies that you intend to display. But, the process of moving furniture in Valheim can be a bit challenging at first.

how to move furniture in valheim

So, in this article we will see how you can do that.

How to Move Furniture and Items in Valheim

It is necessary to get ahold of a tool called the Hammer first before moving furniture in Valheim. Basically, the hammer is the main tool used in Valheim for building furniture and structures.

This will allow you to create and repair items. You can also remove them to relocate them.

Moving the Furniture

With the hammer in place, we can now move our furniture to a new location. Begin by finding the furniture to move.

By right-clicking the hammer, you can select repair mode. Then, select the piece of furniture you wish to move.

Now, repair it so that it is at its healthiest. Keep in mind that breaking down an item when its health is not at its maximum can result in waste of resources.

It will be necessary to break down the item once it has been highlighted and is in full health. But, no worries, the materials you used to create it will not be wasted.

The materials for building and breaking down items in Valheim are free. And, you will receive 2 wood back if you break down a wall that cost you 2 wood.

Breaking down an item is accomplished by pressing the middle mouse button as shown in the control UI. And, ensure that you have enough space in your inventory to pick up the items again.

In this example, Raven Throne will be moved from its current location next to the fireplace in this case. When it falls to the ground, you will be able to retrieve it again.

As soon as the item is destroyed, the materials are returned to your inventory. And, regardless of what you have built, you can destroy it and move it around in the same way.

This includes ships and crafting benches. However, items and furniture cannot be moved directly. You will have to dismantle it and reassemble it elsewhere.

Our next step will be to go to the preferred location once we have the materials to build a new throne back. It will then be placed again.

By clicking on the right mouse button or by using the second mouse button, you can open up the build menu again.

Your furniture now needs to be moved to a more permanent location now. Therefore, you won’t have to move it again.

Locate an appropriate location. Move the furniture by scrolling your mouse. Place it there.

Final Words

Anything in Valheim can be broken down and rebuilt without wasting any materials. It’s a great way to make the game more interesting.

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