How to Move Furniture in Project Zomboid (Easy)

The zombie apocalypse has ended the search for house remodelers. The purpose of today’s lesson is to demonstrate how you can move furniture around in Project Zomboid. We’ll use Build 41 in this guide.

This works in the most recent version of the game available on Steam. And, in addition to its aesthetic value, furniture can be moved around to block entrances and stairs.

how to move furniture in project zomboid

Let’s find out more about it.

How to Move Furniture in Project Zomboid

The icon that looks like a cupboard at the top left of the UI can be clicked on to pick up and move furniture. You will see the word ‘Pick Up’ when you hover the mouse over the first option on the left.

So, click that option. And, then Select the furniture you want to pick up. The furniture can be placed again after picking it up by selecting the ‘Place’ option from the menu shown earlier.

Afterward, select where the furniture should be placed. Then you can drag and drop it where you want it. Below are screenshots that show how to do each step.

The image seen above can be seen on the left of the screen. A menu will appear once your mouse is over the icon. Here are all the actions that can be used to manipulate and move furniture.

Pick up, Place, Rotate, and Disassemble are the actions from left to right. And, most of them are self-explanatory.

You can now choose the item you wish to move once you have selected the pick up option. Once the item is in your inventory, you can start using it.

However, it is possible that your character will not be able to carry an item that is too heavy into their inventory.

You will then have the option of choosing whether you want to move or pick up the item after selecting the action. In the image above, we are moving the table.

Putting something down requires going to the ‘Place’ action once you pick it up. So, select it again from the list of icons at the top of the screen.

Alternatively, you can use the TABS key to cycle quickly through the different furniture options.

It is now possible to choose where the item will be placed in your inventory. With multiple pieces of furniture in your inventory, you can cycle between them by pressing the R key.

Rotating Objects in Project Zomboid

Choose ‘Rotate’ from the left hand furniture menu if you really want a table or bookshelf to turn around. Then, click on the object you wish to rotate. Now, click and hold the left mouse button.

And, when you are satisfied with how the object is rotating, drag it in that direction. Now, let go of the left mouse button once you are satisfied. You will see the character rotating the object.

Objects can also be rotated after they have been moved. You can hold down the left mouse button while placing an item from your inventory on the ground. Then, drag the furniture in the direction in which you want it to be placed.

Final Words

Knowing how to move and pick furniture in project zomboid is a great skill to have. And, this article would have surely helped you out. Do comments if you want any questions or want to share any tips.

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