How to Mine Resources in Kenshi (Easy)

You can have a lot of fun running through the unforgiving wastelands of Kenshi. A variety of hidden items can be found, powerful enemies can be faced, and even a post-apocalyptic samurai army can be built. However, you will need resources or money to accomplish many of these tasks. To gain access to research, crafting, and other mechanics, you must be able to obtain the appropriate tools. The mining process plays a significant role in that process. Yes, the old profession is still alive out in the wastes.

The early game allows you to mine it for profit, but it will be a slow process. Besides avoiding ambushes from bandits and wild animals, you will also need to avoid being attacked by wild animals. However, mining becomes vital if you are able to survive for a sufficiently long period of time. To build any decent base, you will need constant supplies of Stone, Iron, and Copper. Certainly, you can travel the map and purchase the items you require, but mining them yourself is much more expedient.

In Kenshi, mining resources are fairly straightforward. However, some details are not so obvious. To mine a resource, choose your character.

Select the resource you want to mine. Click the ‘Use’ option. The character will automatically move to the resource and start mining.

how to mine resources in kenshi

Here’s more about Mining Resources in Kenshi.

How to Mine Resources in Kenshi

The game’s mining system is the same as it is for other Job types. When you select a character and right-click on the mining resources, they will mine until they are fully stocked.

Having a character do the mining permanently automates the process. Just hold Shift. Right-click that character to assign that job permanently.

In their Jobs window, they will perform the tasks in the order they appear. As part of their assigned job, characters will automatically dump resources into storage when a storage unit is put down for them.

Furthermore, you can build mines that can be used inside bases to offer mining nodes to your characters. These are similar to farming spots because they use the fertility of the land.

When you place any kind of mine, a pop-up will show you how fertile the spot is. Generally, the closer a mining spot is to a natural mining site, the more fertile that spot becomes. The higher the percentage, the greater the yield.

Some basic options are added to the base game by default, while mods may also add automated options. Automated options are much more convenient. Otherwise, you have to add characters manually.

How to Find a Mineable Resource

The map of Kenshi is full of resources to mine for building material or to sell if you want a quick buck. It is fairly easy to locate resources in Kenshi.

There are times when you’ll see broken down pieces of old machinery or large rocks. While some of these items cannot be interacted with, others can be mined for resources and used to obtain items.

It is possible to check if the object is a mining resource by clicking on it and seeing what it is called. Information will be displayed. Check how well you can mine it out.

It will be easier to mine here if the mining efficiency is high. As soon as you have found a resource, you can begin mining.

Few Things to Consider

Kenshi mining speed can be influenced by a few different things. Laboring skill is what contributes most to mining speed.

All menial labor tasks in Kenshi are governed by this law, which includes mining. And, you can level up your mining skill the most by mining more.

The stats of each resource play a major role in determining the mining speed. If you select a resource and look at the stats at the bottom left, you can find out how efficient and abundant it is.

You will receive the multiplier based on how quickly you can mine it and how long it will take you to mine ore.

Mining in Kenshi also comes with a hunger level that many people overlook. Having a negative multiplier will go against all of your character’s stats, including laboring if they are hungry, starving, or malnourished.

Essentially, if a slow worker doesn’t seem to be getting any work in a valuable resource, they are probably just hungry.

Why to Mine in Kenshi?

Strength training is also one of the reasons for mine. Keeping your skills high is the key to staying alive in Kenshi.

You may have trouble achieving this if you are playing as one character, cannot afford to lose many fights, and find yourself bleeding to death early on.

Putting a bunch of iron ore in your backpack is a great way to increase your strength. This could not only be complemented by trips to the store, but you could also aimlessly wander around town like this.

You can also earn money from mining rocks, throwing them in your backpack, walking into town, and selling them.


How do you gather resources in Kenshi?

Copper and Iron deposits near you can be found through the Prospecting module. Head to the mine until your character is completely stocked with raw materials. It is either possible to loot the mine by holding a right click or by selecting it and opening your player character’s inventory.

Do you need a pickaxe to mine in Kenshi?

For mining iron or copper, you need a pickaxe. Pickaxes are available in shops. If you want to mine on another resource node, you can take your pickaxe back after you use it.

To mine stone in Kenshi, try clicking on the prospect button in different areas, selecting a stone, and trying to find areas with the brightest greens. Once you have discovered that area, build a stone mine there. Check the percentages on your prospective mine; ensure that they are at 100%.

Final Words

Now, after reading this article, you can easily mine resources in Kenshi.

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