How to Marry Off Family Members in Bannerlord [Quick Guide]

Your journey in Mount and Blade Bannerlord involves a lot of diplomacy and relationships. And, it is much easier to accomplish your goal in Calradia if you have the right allies.

So, being able to maintain a good relationship with some lords is very important whether you want them to help you on a campaign or join your kingdom.

And, doing quests for lords is one of the most common ways to make friends with them. You can also do it in other ways.

By the way did you know that you can marry off your brothers, sisters, children, and grandchildren to other clan members to boost your clan relationships?

Continue reading to discover how.

How to Marry Off Family Members in Bannerlord

In order to propose to a family member, you must have a friend who is single and of marriageable age.

You can also find another clan that has a single-family member and propose to them as a bridegroom if you have an eligible bachelor.

So, look for a clan head whose clan has an eligible member. Then, select the option “I want to talk about something”.

And, choose the option that explains “I would like to propose an alliance between our families through marriage”.

As a result, you will now be able to choose who would like to marry whom. You will have to pay some gold to the NPC until it accepts the offer.

The character for which the barter was discussed will instantly marry your family member once you pass the barter.

You cannot go back once you make a decision at the barter screen. Once you make the decision, you cannot go back.

Why to Make Alliance Through Marriage?

The reasons for making an alliance with another character through marriage are varied. The clan in which you marry will benefit immediately from your marriage.

So, if you plan to convince these clan members at any point in the future, it would be wise to start chipping away at them now. Another reason is that if you are liked enough by the members, they may not be ready to fight you in war.

Also, let’s be honest, what else will you do with your family? If you marry them off and give them a chance to have children of their own, your clan will grow even more.

As a result, your dynasty can afford to have cheap vassals. The people who should marry can be whoever you decide they should be. And, through family alliances, you have a better chance of growing your kingdom.

When your family members get married, you can still control them and ask them to join your party. As a result, you’re not losing anything by marrying them off.

You can also use this to build an alliance with an entire faction’s leader. When you help your kingdom take castles and towns, having a family member who is eligible for marriage may help you get more fiefs.

Also, keep in mind that the more the leader likes you, the better your chances are of winning fiefs and lands.

Therefore, if you belong to a large faction and have a large family, you can use them to gain the faction leader’s trust and form an alliance with him.

Money is the only thing you need to ensure you have. Because, it will probably cost more money to marry into the family of the faction leader than to try to form an alliance with random vassals.

Where to See If Family Member Can Be Married?

The in-game encyclopedia allows you to view information about each character in the game. When you right-click on any character’s portrait or select their name while in conversation, you will be taken to that character’s encyclopedia entry.

By default, the encyclopedia can also be opened by pressing the N key. Go to the character’s encyclopedia page in the encyclopedia.

Your list of friends, enemies and family members is displayed there. Family members are what we are concerned about.

You can view an encyclopedia entry for any of your family members when you select them in Bannerlord. Please check their page to see if they haven’t been married yet.

You can also find their family information there. The “Spouse” category will be left blank if there is no character in that category.

In Bannerlord, all other characters can only be married into heterosexual relationships. And, there are no homosexual matches in the game.


How do you get your family married in Bannerlord?

It is possible to marry your brother or sister to the family members of the clan leaders when talking with the heads of other clans. As soon as you agree, they ask you to introduce yourself.

Can you marry companions in Bannerlord?

Yes, in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, every leader has absolute control over who gets married to whom within their clan, so you must get their approval to proceed. That’s good for you. As your clan grows, you can use this power to get your children spouses.

How do you offer hand in marriage in Bannerlord?

If you are an ardent admirer of theirs and wish to offer your hand in marriage, you should start by asking to discuss with them; the courting phase will begin from there. Through various dialogue options, you have to win over your future spouse.

Can you marry faction leaders Bannerlord?

It is only possible to choose unmarried clan members of the opposite sex. Leaders and clan leaders cannot be married, even if they don’t have spouses.

Final Words

This is all about how to get your family members married off in mount and blade bannerlord. Do comment down your favourite tactic in the game using this method.

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