How to Make a Sign in Valheim (Guide)

You can write on signs in Valheim in this Viking survival game among all the fun things you can do. So why would you need to do so?

Well, you can put up signs outside your house if you want to organize your resources in chests or if you simply wish to put up a sign outside your house.

We will show you how to do it in this guide. Also, you must first learn how to create a signboard.

how to make a sign in valheim

Let’s get started.

How to Make a Sign in Valheim

The player can build a sign in Valheim as part of his furniture collection. By default, it appears to be a small rectangular piece of timber with three dots on it.

And, on every sign in the game, the player can type whatever they wish using their keyboard.

As part of the base game, you can purchase the signed item. Once all the items required for crafting a sign have been found, the sign will be unlocked.

When the player interacts with the sign (the default E key), they can type any message they choose. The sign can contain up to 40 characters. Also, all punctuation and spaces are included.

Crafting a Sign

A wooden hammer is used to craft the sign, as well as other pieces of furniture in Valheim.

The furniture piece will be unlocked and available to build when the wooden hammer and all of the materials needed to construct the sign are acquired.

To make the sign, you will need the following materials:

  • 2 Wood
  • 1 Coal
  • It is imperative that you are within range of a workbench

To build up the hammer’s build menu, press the right mouse button while it is equipped. Then, click on the furniture tab. You will find the sign piece under furniture.

And, the text will appear only on one side of the sign. When you attach the sign to a wall, spin it around using the mouse scroll wheel if you cannot see the three black dots on your side.

If you are satisfied with the sign’s placement, simply click to place it. You can then add text to the sign.

How to Write on Sign in Valheim

Text can be easily written on the sign. As soon as the sign is down, it can be edited as many times as you like. You don’t need to worry if you made a mistake or would like to change the display text later.

Take a look at the sign. You can interact with it by pressing E. If this doesn’t work, you will need to check your key bindings and make sure that the key is set to “Use”.

The screen will show you a text box that prompts you to enter text when you interact with the sign. Then, enter whatever you want there. The text will appear when you press enter when you have finished editing.

While viewing the sign in-game, all text will be displayed in capital letters. The original text will appear on the UI when the player looks over the sign. You can repeat these steps later if you want to write something different on the sign.

The text on a sign must be entered using a keyboard by people using a controller to play Valheim.

Uses of Sign

Valheim’s sign has multiple uses. An item that may appear to be insignificant in the game can turn out to be a huge gamechanger when it comes to labeling, storing, and finding your way around in general.

There are a variety of uses and ways to implement them in your Valheim world, including:

Create Signposts to Find Your Way Around

Create signposts that will direct you to different points of interest by using some wooden poles and some angled signs. You may already have a path to a silver or iron source that you can follow with a cart.

Signposts can point you in the right direction quickly if you find yourself at a fork in the road. They also work well on large bases.

Labeling Storage Boxes

Using signs, you can indicate what should be kept in each chest in your base. But, you’d be wasting a lot of time and frustration in Valheim by looking into every chest.

So, keep your belongings organized and clutter-free by labeling the chests according to what’s in them!

This can be used for more than just chests. Organize your clan’s buildings and beds using this label.

Using Signs as Decoration

It is possible to decorate your base with different signs and slogans by writing whatever you desire on signs. In the image above, we use three different signs to create the classic Live Laugh Love sign. A simple way to add a feminine touch.

Your friends can find messages across the walls when they log into the game or advertise menu prices to your makeshift mead bar by writing them on the walls.

Perhaps you could even have a room where battle plans are written on signs or a checklist of things you need to accomplish at the base.

Final Words

Creating a signboard is a very interesting task. And, you can create multiple signboards in valheim to keep track.

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