How to Make/Form a Caravan in Rimworld [Total Guide]

There may be times when you make a caravan in Rimworld. During any playthrough, caravans are an invaluable tool for trading, checking out abandoned bases, or simply getting out of dodge.

The benefits of sending out a caravan to trade with other tribes are numerous. First of all, the tribes’ inventory is larger and direct trade gives you a 2% bonus. In addition, you can escape toxic fallout by using caravans.

So, here’s How to Make a Caravan in Rimworld

How to Make a Caravan in Rimworld

The following steps should be followed in order to know how to form caravan in Rimworld:

  1. To begin, click the ‘World’ button at the bottom of the screen
  2. Choose the colony from which you would like to send a caravan
  3. Click on the ‘Form Caravan’ button at the bottom of the screen (Hotkey H).
  4. Select a destination for the caravan by right clicking the area and clicking accept
  5. Select the colonists you wish to add to the caravan and the items they should carry with them, including food and supplies
  6. The colonists will automatically pack the necessary items and animals for the journey once you select “Send” and “Confirm”.

How to Properly Form a Caravan [with pictures]

1. Choose the ‘World’ tab from your Rimworld UI. You will be taken to the screen where you can view the entire planet as well as different factions and bases.

rimworld how to form caravan

2. From the world menu, select your colony. Choose the colony from which you would like the caravan to depart if you have more than one. Press the “Form caravan” button below the colony selection.

3. Next, choose a location where you want to park your caravan. There are several hexagonal tiles of the Rimworld that can be selected as your destination, including bases of different factions.

Your caravan will arrive at its destination roughly within a period of time based on the destination you selected. When the loading screen appears, click accept.

4. You will be able to select which colonists to send along with them and what items they will bring. On the right side of the menu, click on the X to select a colonist.

Animals and colonists in this area with the ‘Tick’ will be added to the caravan.

Items in the next tab are up at the top. Click on it and decide what items you want to pack.

Make sure the item weight does not exceed the carrying capacity of the animals and colonists.

You can use pack animals to assist you. But, if you add too much weight, the caravan will move slower.

After that, choose which supplies you will need, including food and medicine. You will need to bring along what you will need based on how far the journey is.

A reasonable amount of supplies will be calculated by the game. Click the Send button in the bottom right corner of your screen when you have finished making your choices.

5. Your caravan will then quickly become hungry after you receive a warning box. Whatever the status of the food, this message always appears. You need to click Confirm to send the caravan off.

6. The caravan in Rimworld has been successfully set up now that the items and journey have been verified. A notice will appear saying that your colonists are gathering the items and leaving the area.

Technically, nothing else needs to be done at this point. All the rest will be handled by the colonists. However, you will be able to monitor the caravan’s progress.

How to Monitor Caravan Progress

By returning to the ‘World‘ tab, you can track a caravan’s progress. You can check how long it will take a caravan to get to its destination by clicking on it while it is traveling.

rimworld form caravan

Additionally, you can see what it has with it. Simply select the caravan and right click on a different area of the map to have it return home or travel to another location.


How do you call a caravan Rimworld?

How do I call back caravan? Right-click your base or anywhere else you want the caravan to go, then click the caravan.

How do you trade with caravans in Rimworld?

A colonist may initiate a trade by contacting the lead trader. In caravans, this pawn is represented by a yellow question mark “?”; select your trader, right-click the visiting trader, and select “Trade”, and the selected pawn will march out to meet with your trader.

Final Words

Whenever you’re on the road, keep in mind that your caravan might be the target of ambushes or raids. There is a direct correlation between caravan wealth and visibility, as well as the size and difficulty of raids.

You should reinforce your caravan with additional colonists if it carries a lot of wealth. As a general rule, killing one to three ambushers causes the others to retreat.

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