(Easy) How to Light a Fire in Valheim

As part of setting up your spawn point or sleeping in a bed, it is necessary to have a campfire nearby.

And, the use of a cooking station for simple meat cooking and sleep is also dependent on a fire burning nearby.

how to light a fire in valheim

So, we are here to help if you’re having trouble lighting a fire in Valheim.

How to Light a Fire in Valheim

You will need to build one first in order to have one burning. You must first craft yourself a Hammer before you can construct a campfire.

As well as building campfires and crafting stations, the Hammer tool can also be used to build shelters and buildings.

You will find that it is an essential tool for survival. It is also probably the first crafting task you will undertake that is not related to combat.

You can equip your hammer by right-clicking it while it is in your inventory. And, it can also be assigned to one of the numbered slots on the quick bar at the top of your inventory.

To equip an item, you simply need to press the number that corresponds to that slot. And, right-clicking the hammer will open the build menu when it is equipped.

A list of all the items that can be created can be seen here. You can unlock more structures and items in Valheim by finding new and different resources.

You need two units of wood and five units of stone to construct a campfire. And, you can collect stones from the ground by interacting with smaller rocks. You can also gather wood from fallen branches of destroyed trees.

Your campfire can be built only on the ground after you have the necessary materials. But, wooden floors cannot be used for building campfires.

A campfire should automatically light when it is put down. And, you will need a place for the smoke to go if you plan on having a campfire indoors.

Smoke inhalation can cause serious harm to the player and even result in death. For this reason, you should build a chimney indoors.

Keeping the Campfire Lit

It is possible for a fire in Valheim to go out for a variety of reasons. The fire might go out because of lack of wood as the first thing that might happen.

So, be sure that the fire has wood. Otherwise, you can interact with the campfire with the wood you have in your inventory to get it going.

Rain can also cause a fire to go out. If the campfire is left outside in the rain, it will be extinguished.

So, during bad weather, you’ll have to cover the campfire with a roof to keep it burning.

You can either build a shelter for it. Or, if you don’t want to build a shelter, you can just put a roof over the fire.

You can always have a fire burning when you want to sleep by building a small roof over your campfire, or by keeping it indoors.

Final Words

This is all about How to Light a Fire in Valheim. Fire has many uses in this game and knowing how to control it is always handy.

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