How to Light a Campfire in Project Zomboid (Easy)

There are few items in the game that are more useful than the campfire. A campfire is one of the easiest sources of heat to construct, and it can also be used to cook and purify water.

And, from the crafting menu, you can easily craft a campfire, but the game does not describe how to light it.

Learn how to light a campfire in project zomboid below.

how to light a fire in project zomboid

How to Light a Campfire in Project Zomboid

There are several things you will need to light a campfire before you can use it. First, build the campfire and place it on the ground.

Now, for you to start a fire in the campfire, you will need a lighter or a box of matches. To start a fire, you’ll also need something to burn. For example, an old piece of clothing or book.

Right-click on the campfire while holding these items in your inventory. Then, click on Light Fire. And, choose an item to burn.

Once you select this option, the necessary items will be equipped for your character. You will then be able to light the campfire.

Project Zomboid does not require any additional actions to light a campfire. If you can’t find anything flammable to use the lighter for, defeat a zombie. Then steal their clothing and use it as fuel.

Cooking Things on the Campfire

What are you going to do with the lit campfire you now have in Project Zomboid? Standing near the fire is all it takes to put things on the fire to cook them.

You can access the campfire’s inventory just as you would loot a cupboard or another container while standing beside it. You can start using the campfire with any item in your inventory by dragging it to the fire.

And, if you want to boil something, you can do that as well. It could be a food item or a water canister. It’s that simple.

Cooking Things on the Campfire

If you are cooking something on the fire, make sure you watch it closely. You can burn food and other items if you leave them in the heat for too long. It’s that simple.

In Project Zomboid, campfire cooking and using items have never been easier. Campfires can be used to boil water for your character, allowing them to have an endless supply of water.


Can you make a campfire indoors Project Zomboid?

It is safe to build a campfire indoors, if you know how to do it correctly.

How do you light a match in Project Zomboid?

In the absence of another light source, pressing the ‘F’ key (default) will equip and light a match. By pressing ‘F’, they will be lit and extinguished once equipped.

What do you need to build a campfire Project Zomboid?

Make sure to get three planks and an object that can catch fire, such as a sheet, bandage, or book. To make Campfire Materials, right-click one of these materials. To build a fire, right click on the ground with Campfire Materials in your main inventory. The materials are not consumed when you pack it up.

How long do campfires last Project Zomboid?

Fuel nameFuel duration (minutes)Can be used to
light campfire?
Method of ignitionMethod of ignition
Notched Wooden Plank120YesSturdy Stick
Tree Branch
Tree Branch60YesNotched Wooden Plank
Sturdy Stick15YesNotched Wooden Plank
Skill Book15YesLighterMatches
Skill Magazine15YesLighterMatches
Doodle (removed)10YesLighterMatches
Comic Book15YesLighterMatches
Empty Notebook15YesLighterMatches
Ripped Sheets5YesLighterMatches
Sheet of Paper10YesLighterMatches
Gas Can0YesLighterMatches

Final Words

This is all about how to light a campfire in project zomboid. Now, you will be able to survive a little longer. Thanks for reading this article.

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