How To Level The Ground in Valheim (Easy)

Unless one knows how to flatten the ground, Valheim’s terrain has many uneven surfaces that can be a stumbling block to players.

In Valheim, flattening the ground is important, especially if a structure is to be built there. And, in the event of uneven surfaces, the entire structure is at risk of collapsing. Also, weak parts are the result as well.

Leveling the ground requires the use of a hoe. And, two units of stone and five units of wood are required to make a hoe on the workbench. Also, hoes can be used to level the ground in the desired area once they are crafted.

how to level the ground in valheim

But, while leveling the ground, players must be aware of a few mechanics of Valheim. Continue reading to find out.

How To Level The Ground in Valheim

A player must first get a hold of a Hoe tool in order to level the ground and make it flat for building. Right-click on the hoe in your inventory to equip it.

The hoe can also be equipped by putting it on the quick bar at the top of your inventory. The hoe action menu is opened by right-clicking with the hoe equipped.

The level ground action can be selected from the menu on the left. Then, you can level the ground by clicking on an area with your mouse. Afterward, make sure that the target area matches the level at which you are standing.

The player can also use other tools to flatten the ground in Valheim with a few other tricks. The player can also create a very flat surface with a hoe and any type of pick.

Crafting a Hoe to Flatten Terrain

You will first need to make yourself a hoe if you plan to flatten the ground. Hoes can be made very early on in the game. It only requires a few materials that are easy to find.

And, it will first take you 10 wood to construct a workbench before you can craft the hoe. You can use the bench by pressing E on the bench once you have placed it in a decent location.

The workbench allows you to create a wide variety of items for both building and fighting.

Your very own hoe tool will require you to gather five wood and two stones which is not a difficult task. But, you cannot use a hoe as a weapon, only for creating paths and leveling the ground.

If you want to raise the ground in Valheim or make natural dirt walls, the hoe can also help. The player can raise the ground high by using a stone and a hoe.

Using the Hoe

As mentioned above, the player can level the terrain with the hoe. The way this works is that wherever the player is standing is the height of the terrain that will be attempted by the marker.

When a player targets a higher part of the ground when he or she is in a deep hole, the hoe will attempt to level the ground. The ground will then be brought to the player’s level.

But, occasionally a hoe will not be able to even out this part of the ground if there is a very dramatic difference in the soil.

The hoe cannot flatten out large differences in terrain height when used to level terrain. Hoes are used more for ‘smoothing out’ existing terrain than making it all flat.

Players will have to use a pick tool in order to make a completely flat surface from the ground for building on it.

Using the Pick to Level

The pick, or pickaxe, is another handy tool in Valheim for modifying the terrain. Through the use of this tool, players can dig into the terrain and obtain stones.

But, if the player wishes to flatten a large chunk of land, the hoe may not be strong enough to flatten it out.

So, players can dig out large ‘bumps’ or hills in the terrain with a pick to get rid of them. After that, they can smooth it out with a hoe.

You can dig out high areas of the terrain with your hoe and pickaxe together. Use the hoe’s raise ground feature to fill in deep holes.

You can use both tools together to level the ground. That way, your next building project will be very flat.

Final Words

A great job has been done by Iron Gate Studios in developing the game. And, this has not gone unnoticed by the community.

In the first month of the early access, more than three million players signed up. And, in the future, Valheim will certainly provide more content.

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