How to Learn Recipes in Valheim (Easy Guide)

The Hearth and Home update added more than a dozen new items to Valheim. Those who wish to know how to create more original recipes will enjoy this.

There are new buildings, shields, cooking recipes, and more in the Hearth and Home update. In addition, the food recipes have been overhauled and divided into categories such as balance, strength, and health.

how to learn recipes in valheim

The majority of recipes are obtained through natural progression in the game, but you are never told how you get them. Keep reading to find out about them.

How to Learn Recipes in Valheim

You’ll learn how to craft a recipe every time you have all the ingredients needed. You need at least one fine wood, one core wood, and one deer hide before you can learn the recipe for the Finewood bow for example.

But, you will never learn a recipe without having acquired at least one of the items needed to craft it. The same applies to crafting stations.

For example, the bow recipe will not be learned if you do not have a suitable crafting station but have all of the items.

Finding New Items to Learn Recipes

As the game progresses, the player will generally learn recipes as they go from biome to biome. A player should move on to the next biome after defeating each forsaken boss in each biome.

And, with this progression system, the player should naturally find all recipes in Valheim by themselves. And, it is not so surprising that most of the crafting materials and resources need to be mined and smelted, for example, tin and copper.

It is also possible for the player to gather some materials that aren’t so obvious in order to learn new recipes for crafting weapons, armors, and various other items.

Also, you should also keep an eye out for every item you can find, along with crafting every crafting station and building material you can.

For example, with the 10 tin that the player collects, the cauldron might not seem like an exciting crafting station.

But, by doing so, the player will be able to select from a wide variety of different cooking recipes and mead base recipes. And, once selected, they can be fermented.

Rare Crafting Materials

Players can unlock a variety of interesting crafting recipes in Valheim by collecting various rare materials. Some of these materials are not particularly valuable.

Nevertheless, as with the other resources in the game, each recipe they are a part of must be unlocked at least once.

Guck is one of those materials that is found in the swamp, although it doesn’t seem to be very important at first glance.

After defeating the second forsaken, The Elder, the player will find trees with glowing green sacks in the swamp biome.

With a pickaxe or a regular axe, the player can break down these sacks if they are close enough to them. Upon destruction, these guck sacks will release guck.

A certain poison grenade can be crafted using this resource. In addition, it is used to craft the most powerful bow currently available in the game, the Draugr Fang.

Ymir Flesh is also a pretty rare material. It may be familiar to those who found the trader. But, you can only get it from the trader NPC named Haldor in the current version of the game.

Valheim uses this flesh to create two blunt weapons used late in the game. When the player had gathered the other items needed for crafting the weapons.

Furthermore, they discovered some Ymir flesh that they can use to craft a Frostner weapon and an Iron Sledge.

Although Iron Sledge contains Ymir Flesh as one of its ingredients. To unlock the crafting recipes for the Iron Sledge, the player will also need to find an Elite Draugr trophy.

This can be very challenging. And, can be done by finding a draugr spawner and waiting for this enemy to appear.

Final Words

Learning recipes in Valheim is quite a natural process and will happen as you progress ahead in the game. So, best of luck.

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