How to Banish / Kick Out Colonists in Rimworld (EASY)

Are you getting tired of your ever-growing colony size in Rimworld? Is your herd getting out of hand?

There is no need to search anymore as we will tell you how to get rid of those extra colonists. Fire-starting pyromaniacs will no longer be part of your ranks.

how to kick out colonists in rimworld

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How to Kick Out Colonists in Rimworld

In Rimworld, you can banish a colonist by selecting him or her. In their ‘Bio’ tab, click on the icon that looks like a door.

After clicking this button, you will be prompted to confirm the decision to expel this colonist. Click accept. The colonist will be removed from your faction.

However, he or she may appear in future events.

Why Kick Out a Colonist in RimWorld?

The number of colonists you have to manage can sometimes become overwhelming. It may be sad to send a colonist away at first due to harsh winters and a limited food supply. However, in the end, it may be necessary to ensure the colony’s survival.

The journey of a colonist doesn’t end just because they are banished. It is possible to arrest a banished pawn after you have trapped them. They can rejoin the colony at a later time.

Banishing a colonist because of an undesirable trait is another reason to do so. Your pawns may fight more socially with the other pawns in the colony if they have certain traits.

The result is a negative mood debuff for everyone. It can be detrimental if too many bad moods are circulating around a raid, for instance.

The Pyromaniac trait is one that many players strive to avoid. Those with this trait have a chance of starting a fire if their mood drops too low. These people are prone to breakdowns.

Other Alternatives

Someone might think that banishing a colonist is the only way you can deal with a colonist you do not want. But in Rimworld, there are always solutions.

Banning a colonist is not without its risks. You will receive a -3 mood debuff per banished colonist if you leave one behind. And, by banishing many colonists at once, this debuff will multiply.

In some cases, if banishing is not an option, the colonist could simply be assigned to clean up the colony. Different colonists can be assigned different job roles using the work tab.

Large bases should have a dedicated cleaner because pawns will enjoy living in a clean environment.

A colonist’s ability to walk could also be surgically removed. You have pyromaniacs in your colony and want to ensure they don’t start fires everywhere.

The health tab of their body allows you to assign a peg leg to either leg. It is possible to remove these legs later, leaving the colonist unable to move.

Another way to get rid of a colonist will earn you some silver. Slaves can be bought and sold by some factions. Colonists can be sold as slaves by these factions.

In some cases, colonists may be worth a lot of money depending on how healthy they are, what skills they possess, and what bionic devices they may possess.

And, if you don’t have mods that prevent it, colonists may be worth a lot of money. Slavery has a very negative effect on the whole colony if you do it.


How do you kick someone out of your colony in RimWorld?

Visit the bio page of the person. The door icon with an arrow going out should be at the top right, just below the big X. This is the banish button. Kicking someone out is as simple as clicking that.

How many colonists are good for RimWorld?

You can have no more than four colonists, and 13 is considered the first soft cap, and 18 is the second, except for Randy, whose second cap is 50. The following are the population caps for each storyteller:

Cassandra Classic

  • Minimum Population: 4
  • Maximum Population: 13
  • Critical Population: 18

Phoebe Chillax

  • Minimum Population: 4
  • Maximum Population: 13
  • Critical Population: 18

Randy Random

  • Minimum Population: 4
  • Maximum Population: 13
  • Critical Population: 50

Based on these numbers, RimWorld is designed for medium-sized colonies with 13-18 players.

How many colonies can you have in RimWorld?

As of Alpha 16, Using Options > Settings, you can have up to 5 colonies running simultaneously. The larger your extension, the more benefits you will receive and the more difficulties you will face.

Final Words

This is how to kick out colonists in Rimworld. But, before kicking anyone out, ensure that you are completely sure why you are doing that.

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