How to Hotwire Cars/Vehicles in Project Zomboid

Are you trying to hotwire a car for the first time in Project Zomboid?

The world of Zomboid is huge. It is impossible to cross it all on foot. Therefore, you’re better off finding and maintaining a nice car for long trips.

In the midst of all the undead roaming the streets, you won’t want to arrive unprepared or get stuck in a vehicle that won’t start.

how to hotwire cars in project zomboid

So, it’s best to learn how to hotwire a car before you get trapped with zombies beating on your windows and trying to figure out how to do it.

How to Hotwire Cars/Vehicles in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, any survivor who finds a functional car’s key can start its engine. Hotwiring, however, is more challenging. It takes a certain amount of skill to do it.

In order to hotwire a vehicle, a character must possess Electrical 1 and Mechanics 2. But, if a survivor chooses the Burglar occupation when creating a character in Project Zomboid, they will be able to hotwire without special skills.

Hotwiring a car in Project Zomboid does not require any special tools. However, non-Burglars will probably need some to maintain and learn electronics and mechanics anyway.

Character creation can either give them these skills, or they can be acquired through experience.

To gain experience, zombie survivors can dismantle small electronics or car parts with a handy screwdriver.

If the player finds an Electronics or a Mechanics skill book, the process can be greatly accelerated.

Hotwire a Car

Here’s how to actually hotwire a car in Project Zomboid once you’re sure you’re ready to fire up the engine:

1. The vehicle may be entered by slamming a window or pressing E next to an open door.

2. Press V to display the vehicle radial menu.

3. Click “hotwire car” to try hotwiring.

4. Press W to start the engine after hotwiring has been successfully completed

You may need to try several times before your engine starts. If you see a pair of wires on the dashboard, you have it.

If you’re playing in multiplayer, anyone can drive a hotwired car. So, keep your valuables out of your car so that no one can take them.

Other Method

You can also hotwire cars early on by choosing the Burglar profession when creating a character. By default, you will be able to Hotwire cars without any training.

Anyone who wants to get lots of vehicles early on without having to undergo training needs this.

You can now attempt to hotwire any vehicle you have access to by using a character that has either the skills to hotwire cars, or is a Burglar.

Try selecting the Hotwire action again in the menu. With the updated option, you will have the option of doing this immediately. No requirements are displayed on the option anymore.

Go to the menu and select Hotwire Engine. The car will be hotwired. Sometimes hotwiring doesn’t work. Attempts that fail are loud, which may attract unwanted guests.

Whenever you try to hotwire, you will see a bar above the characters’ heads in the car, just like when they were doing anything else.

You can try hotwiring again if you fail the first time. The car can be hotwired as many times as you want without consequences.

Once the car has been hotwired successfully, provided it has fuel and is operating properly, it can be started and driven around. There will be wires over the car’s ignition in the UI.

Final Words

This is all about How to Hotwire Cars/Vehicles in Project Zomboid. As long as the key is not useless, another player could jump in the car and drive it away if you were playing a multiplayer game.

But, it may not always be possible to start the car. There is currently no way to reverse this. So proceed with caution.

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