How to Hide the HUD in Valheim (Easy)

Valheim is a procedurally generated survival RPG. The game takes place in a variety of biomes, starting with a meadow. And, despite its early access status, the game looks gorgeous.

Thus, it’s nice to hide the HUD while playing to put the game world on display. How to hide the HUD in Valheim is all you need to know if you wish to remove the inventory and world indicators.

Your items will usually appear in the top left corner of the screen by default. A mini-map will also appear in the top right corner.

And, there are also various other icons on the screen to help you figure out where you are in the world. But, valheim is more immersive without the HUD since it is all about exploring and surviving.

how to hide th hud in valheim

So, keep reading to find out about how to hide the HUD in valheim.

How to Hide the HUD in Valheim

HUD is an acronym for Heads-Up Display. It encompasses everything that isn’t a graphic. The health bar, the inventory images, and text, and all other indicators that the player has access to are not part of the game itself.

The above image shows a few elements of the HUD in Valheim that relate to health. On the bottom, left are food bars.

Also included are the quick bar slots in the top left which displays the top row of the inventory, the top-right minimap, and the bottom right quick control guide.

The map of Valheim will be more difficult to navigate if these elements are hidden. And, this may add an element of challenge to the game for some players.

Also, because your character’s model does not show your health status, there is no way to tell how much stamina or health you have.

Disable the HUD in Valheim

Valheim’s HUD can be turned on or off quite easily. There is no need to go into the Settings; you can accomplish the same thing with a few simple buttons.

You will need to press both F3 and Ctrl at the same time in order to hide the HUD in Valheim. You can also bring back the HUD by pressing the same combination of buttons if you are having trouble finding what to do.

For players who enjoy taking screenshots of places they visit, bosses they defeat, or treasures they find, we strongly recommend hiding the HUD while playing Valheim.

There are many beautiful scenes in Valheim that you would love to have as your desktop wallpaper. And, its best feature is that you do not have to go into Settings to do that.

Final Words

Disabling the HUD or not is up to you. If you want to just enjoy the aesthetics of Valheim then you can surely go ahead.

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