How to Heal Pet Wolves in Valheim (Guide)

Players who have learned that they can tame some creatures in Valheim may wonder what all creatures can be tamed. Actually, there are three creatures that can be tamed in the vanilla Valheim game: the wolf, the boar, and the lox.

Despite this, only the wolf will listen to the player and follow him. So, you can try taming a wolf in Valheim if you haven’t already. In addition to being cute companions, they can also deal damage and protect the player.

how to heal wolves in valheim

And, if by chance they get hurt, here is how to heal wolves in valheim.

How to Heal Pet Wolves in Valheim

You can heal your wounded wolves with raw meat or neck tails if they are injured. Wolves will seek out raw meat when they are hungry.

Consuming it will restore 20 hit points to their health. But, only a hungry wolf will only consume it. In other words, if your wolf’s health is low, make sure you keep him somewhere he can’t get further injuries until he gets hungry again.

And, once a wolf eats, he has to wait half a day before becoming hungry again in-game.

You just need to find some raw meat to feed the wolf after you’ve brought it to a safe location. Wolves do not eat cooked meat. Once you’ve put them away, find some raw meat. Bring it over to the place where they are.

You should also set the wolf not to follow you. The wolf won’t eat if it follows you.

Here is an animation of the wolf eating in Valheim. There is a floating number above its head showing that it is regaining 20 health. Wolf pups may also be produced by wolves that are well fed and surrounded by other wolves.

Will Wolves die if they are not given Food?

No, wolves will not die in Valheim if they’re not fed. Hunger can never kill them. They also won’t return to the wild if not fed.

Only, in order to breed, wolves must eat to become healthy and happy. And, unless you are trying to breed wolves, stop feeding them or separate the pack if you don’t want them breeding. When they stop breeding, no puppies will be born.

When wolves are hungry, they may attack another creature to obtain food. It is because Wolf is a natural predator.

As long as they are hungry and come close enough, they will chase after food. Deer and necks will be hunted and destroyed by wolves in Valheim.

In addition, if greywarfs get close enough, they will attack them as a defense mechanism.

A wolf can also regain health by eating the raw meat or neck tails of an enemy that they have beaten. So, in order to regain health, you can sometimes just let them hunt on their own.

Final Words

Having wolves by your side is definitely a very big plus in Valheim. We hope that this article must have provided you with the information you were looking for.

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