How to Harvest Organs in Rimworld (Easily)

The ability to remove organs from pawns is one of the many features of Rimworld. The colonists can either be sold or transplanted into other colonies that may need replacements.

Your colony can also profit from harvesting organs. The first step to harvesting organs in Rimworld is to select a colonist or prisoner. From there, select the health tab. Click on ‘Add Bill’.

Then, depending on what you want to harvest, you can choose one of the options. An operation is then automatically initiated by your doctor.

how to harvest organs in rimworld

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How to Harvest Organs in Rimworld

There are a few things you need to prepare before you can extract kidneys and lungs in Rimworld:

  • Colonists and pawns with organs that can be removed.
  • The bed or sleeping area where the operation will take place
  • A medicine used to put a patient to sleep with anesthetics
  • Colonists assigned to medical work who are not incapacitated

Starting the Organ Trade

You are ready to begin once you have gathered all the items above. Choose a prisoner or colonist that you want some ‘unnecessary’ organs removed from.

In the bottom left UI menu, click on their health tab.

You can find all your health information on this pawn when you open the health tab. If you plan to transplant the organs of this person into one of your colonists, then make sure that the organ is in good working order.

One example would be a pawn suffering from asthma. However, asthmatic lungs are just as valuable as healthy lungs.

Therefore, you need not worry about any side effects if you are interested in organ trading.

In the health tab, there is a button that says “Add bill” on the left side of the UI. Here you can order a test to be performed on the subject.

You will see a dropdown menu with every operation currently available for your patient by clicking the button.

If you choose the harvest options, you will only receive a tradeable item in-game. You can have your colonists harvest the organ of your choice automatically.

It is always best to have your colonists remove the organs if they have the best medical skills.

Performing any kind of operation involves a chance of failure. In some cases, the operation may fail without serious consequences.

This means they may have been able to take the organ, but cut the patient when they removed it.

Also, it may happen that the doctor accidentally destroys the organ completely, leaving no evidence of his or her efforts.

Harvesting the Organ

A colonist can be prioritized to start the operation immediately. To do this, choose your doctor of choice and make sure they have been assigned medical work first.

Choose your doctor and right-click a pawn with an operation pending. Click prioritize operating on the pawn. If there is a medicine available, your doctor will pick it up. After that, he or she will proceed to the patient.

Select the patient, right-click the bed, and choose the option ‘Rest until healed’ if the patient is one of your colonists and isn’t automatically going to a medical bed.

Hopefully, your doctor will succeed in operating. Over the patient, a small progress bar will appear showing how long it will take to complete the surgery.

An alert will appear on the left side of the screen if the surgery fails in any way, whether minor or major. No alert will appear if the surgery is successful.

If the operation was successful, you should see an organ besides the bed.

Selecting the organ will allow you to examine it. From the sub-menu, select the ‘i’ button. There is also some information about the item, such as the average market value.


How many organs can you take in Rimworld?

It is possible to harvest one kidney and one lung from a prisoner without actually killing them. The prisoner will die if any other organ is harvested (heart, liver, second kidney, second lung).

What organs can you remove Rimworld?

The vanilla version of Rimworld includes 2 lungs, 2 kidneys, a liver, and a heart. But removing any organs other than a kidney and a lung will result in the death of the prisoner.

Can you harvest from corpses Rimworld?

Dead organs can’t be harvested because they are dead. Living pawns can also only be harvested for two organs. 

Final Words

The options you have in your Rimworld game depend on how many organs you have harvested. Selling them for a profit could be quite profitable.

Having a lot of prisoners and constantly being raided can make this a very profitable enterprise.

Alternatively, you may choose to install them in colonists who lack organs. On the health tab, you can see which colonists are missing vital organs.

Additionally, the organs could be stored in the freezer until they are needed one day.

Most colonists will be horrified by the idea of harvesting organs from innocents and even raiders. This will make them more susceptible to psychosis. The trait Psychopath in Rimworld counteracts this.

Psychopaths won’t care whether organs are harvested from healthy people or even if slaves are bought and sold. When planning an organ harvesting operation, you might want to hire only psychopaths.

Perhaps you can settle a psychopath’s new colony in a different part of the map. Your other colony would not be affected by any organ harvesting here.

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