How to Grow Grass in Valheim (Super Easy)

Are you wondering how to make grass in Valheim? This page explains how to do it. Furthermore, continue reading to learn how to grow grass again if you decide later to get rid of it.

how to grow grass in valheim

The following method will make it easy to grow grass again in valheim.

How to Grow Grass in Valheim

It will require a Cultivator to restore grass to an area that had been flattened in Valheim. To access the action menu for the cultivator, right-click the tool.

The grass is the second action you can perform using the cultivator. This option will allow you to grow the grass back on the ground with your cultivator.

You can now place grass back in the area by left-clicking on the ground.

A cultivator makes it possible for the player to regrow grass in a small radius around a location. When you flatten out a large area of ground for your base but want to re-grow grass in between, this method is especially useful.

The type of grass that is grown with the cultivator is dependent on the biome in which the player is currently located.

Why to Grow Grass in Valheim?

Other than aesthetic reasons, there isn’t much reason for the player to want to grow grass. A cultivator can only regrow the grass that was already there since grass does not provide any utility in the game.

But, growing grass does not produce any material. Dandelions and anything else can’t be grown using the cultivator.

The only real reason for growing grass back in Valheim would be to enjoy its appearance. It makes the base feel more comfortable. Grass can only be grown using the cultivator in the game.

Placing Lily Pads in Valheim

The player, here on reddit, uses the cultivator’s ‘Grass’ feature to grow lilies near the water’s edge.

According to a Reddit user, vegetation settings might be the cause of lily pads not appearing in the game. Even so, if you have been able to successfully perform this trick, please let us know.

Final Words

This is all about how to plant and grow grass in Valheim. Make sure to follow the appropriate steps and you will have an aesthetic look of your land. Thanks for reading.


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