How to Get Worms in Project Zomboid (Full Guide)

The zombie apocalypse will not stop anytime soon in PZ. You will be faced with zombies, rotting food, and other challenges constantly in Project Zomboid.

So, to survive, you must overcome these challenges. You at least have to try to survive this hellish situation. And, trying will require all the skill and willpower.

Getting food and water is one of the core aspects of this isometric survival game. If you don’t have those two things, you will not survive long. Other necessities can be ignored.

First, having a reliable food source is essential. This is where fishing and trapping come into play. But, you need bait to do these activities. There are also insects included in the game which you can use as bait.

how to get worms in project zomboid

The following is a guide to getting worms, which make for a good bait.

How to Get Worms in Project Zomboid

In the game, the worms are exactly the same as they are in real life. Earthworms are small squishy creatures that live in the soil.

And, various uses can be made of worms in Project Zomboid. Among these are:

  • As a Food Source.
  • Fishbait.
  • As bait in trapping.
zomboid worms

Throughout the guide, we will explore each of these different ways to use worms. Firstly, let’s discuss some of the ways in which the player can acquire worms in Project Zomboid.

Getting Worms in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, the player can find worms in three different ways:

  • Occasionally finding them as rare loot.
  • When farming, they are dug up out of the ground.
    Foraging for worms.

Dig Up Worms From the Ground

In Project Zomboid, you can also dig them up from the ground to get worms. It may not even have occurred to you that you had found worms with this method.

Because, planting fruits and vegetables in Project Zomboid requires digging furrows, so you may have accidentally discovered some worms.

 project zomboid worm

You can dig a furrow in dirt or grass by simply clicking and holding the right mouse button. You can do this with or without a trowel. But, it is possible for your character to suffer a hand injury while digging with their bare hands.

Your character’s inventory will eventually be filled with worms if they keep digging furrows. But, you will not be notified when you have found a worm. And even if you pick them up, still you will not be notified.

Get Worms as Loot

Getting worms this way involves some luck based on loot, which makes it one of the hardest ways to get them. However, it is a great way to find worms.

The worm can be found in certain loot locations in Project Zomboid like most other items. However, you’ll need to be very lucky to find worms since they’re a very rare spawn.

You can look for worms as loot in some of the following places:

  • Fridges
  • Old Food Trucks
  • Kitchen cabinets

Generally, you’re unlikely to find worms as loot in games. Nevertheless, it’s always worth checking if you see an old Spiffo van around or are moving through kitchens.

Forage to Get Worms

By far the best way to find worms in Project Zomboid is to go foraging. In the forest a little bit outside of town you will find an area where you can forage for food.

To do so, right-click on the ground. See if you can harvest it. If not, then this area is unsuitable. You may need to go further out of town.

You may also try a different neighborhood. Select the foraging option once your character is able to do so. And, the menu for foraging will appear.

On your screen, you can choose to only forage for worms when the foraging menu is up. Your character will be able to find only worms if they have a low foraging skill.

And, when foraging, you can find worms by selecting either Fish Bait or Animals as your objective.

This method has the advantage of allowing you to see how many worms your character is finding when foraging, while furrow digging does not.

When worms are found, they will appear here. Once they are found, they will be transferred to your character’s inventory.

Uses of Worms in Project Zomboid

After we have gone over some of the best methods of finding worms in Project Zomboid, we will discuss how you can use them.

Fishing With Worms

You don’t have to eat worms directly if you don’t think you’re able to digest them. Those slimy suckers can be used as bait for catching a real meal.

The worms can be used directly as bait by finding a fishing rod. They can then be cast into the water and they will attract fish.

Eating Worms

In a desperate situation, you might consider eating worms, but you should really avoid it. In comparison to the other three types of insects, this is the worst food source.

The player can use worms for nutrition if he or she has the stomach for it. Currently, it is not possible to cook the worms before eating them.

There are also no recipes that use worms as ingredients. Sadly, your character will just have to deal with the worms as they are. It’s not easy being alive.

Using Worms as Trapping Bait

While this process requires a bit more effort than fishing, it’s much more passive. Small birds can be lured into traps with worms as bait. 

When you level up the trapping skill, you’ll be able to capture wildlife in new and exciting ways. Traps can be crafted in a few different ways, and there are many different things that can be caught.

Worms are one of the baits that can be used in traps. Birds and other creatures can be caught using worms as bait in traps. So, give it a try.

And, if you trap worms, you might be able to catch something. You can place a trap by right-clicking on it. then, click on the worms to add bait.

Final Words

This is all about how to get worms in project zomboid. Having them in your inventory is definitely a great advantage. So, you can follow any of the above methods to find them.

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