How to Get Tin in Valheim (Guide)

The first boss in Valheim is Eikthyr, who you must defeat in order to get Tin.

In the Black Forest, you can go to Tin Deposits after obtaining Hard Antler and crafting a pickaxe. Smelting Tin ore from this can be done in the Smelter.

how to get tin in valheim

Keep reading to find out How to Get Tin in Valheim.

How to Get Tin in Valheim

If you have proven yourself against the first boss, Eikthyr, and wish to progress into the Bronze equipment era, Tin Ore is an essential resource.

Tin Ore deposits can be found on the shores of the Black Forest. Tin Ore is found in a small rock with a silvery vein woven through it, unlike copper deposits.

But, it is not always easy to spot them. On the shores of biomes in the Black Forest, however, they are quite common. As a result, you’ll probably find multiple Tin Ore deposits clustered together.

The Black Forest is guarded primarily by greydwarves, skeletons, and trolls. But since Tin Ore is usually found deeper in the forest rather than on the shore, it should be relatively safe to find and harvest.

Mining Tin

Antler Pickaxes can be used to mine Tin from these deposits.

Each Tin deposit is used up fairly quickly, giving you only a few pieces of Tin Ore per deposit. The Black Forest shores are likely to have multiple deposits close together, as previously noted.

Keep in mind that Tin Ore is very heavy. But, they can be transported through Valheim’s Portals just like other metals like Copper and Iron.

Smelting Tin

You’ll need a Smelter to transform Tin Ore into Tin Ingots. 20x Stone and 5x Surtling Cores are needed to make a Smelter.

In the Meadows and Black Forest biomes, you can find Surtling Cores inside Burial Chambers and other early Dungeons.

Tin Ore can be smelted into Tin Ingots with a Smelter that uses enough Coal (2 Coals for every Ingot). You can craft a Cauldron using Tin Ingots on their own.

Then you can explore new kinds of mead and expand your horizons in the world of food.

In order to forge bronze, Tin is mainly combined with Copper.

Final Words

You can easily get Tin after following the above methods. Do comment with any tips or queries.

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