How to Get the Dyrnwyn Sword in Valheim

The swords in Valheim come in a variety of forms. But, perhaps the most impressive is the Dyrnwyn. Its blade is on fire. Thus, it also serves as a torch as well as a weapon.

How to Get the Dyrnwyn Sword in Valheim

To mobs that are weak to fire, it deals a lot of fire damage. This weapon, however, is not included yet. So, keep reading, and we will show you how to get to Dyrnwyn in Valheim.

How to Get the Dyrnwyn Sword in Valheim

This sword deals fire damage on hit, as one might expect. As its primary type, the flaming sword deals slashing damage. This type of sword deals 55 flashing damage.

The amount can depend on the user’s sword skill. Based on the player’s current level, the yellow numbers to the right indicate how much damage they will do.

On a hit, Dyrnwyn also deals 30 fire damage. In the game, these two weapons are the only ones that can deal fire damage. A sword with a base block power of 11 and a parry force of 20 has a base block power of 11.

Parrying this sword will give you a 2x bonus, and backstabbing will give you a 3x bonus. With this sword equipped, it will be harder to sneak since the light in Valheim is a factor that can be detected.

There is a lot of power in the sword. The crafting of this item will require Flametal bars, which are not currently available in Valheim.

A level 2 forge can repair the item. And, it is assumed that the item is crafted at the forge, though this may change at a later date.

Getting the Fire Sword

Due to the sword not being fully implemented in the game. To access this sword, you must use console commands to spawn it. The sword cannot be crafted at the moment.

The flaming sword can only spawn in Valheim if cheats are enabled. To access the console, press F5.

As of patch 0.148.4, the command console needs to be enabled from the game’s launch options.

Type “devcommands” now. Hit enter. The ‘true‘ value will confirm that cheats are enabled. Open the console once again. To spawn SwordIronFire, type “spawn” in the code box. Then, hit enter.

You will need to place a space between the iron part and the spawn part of the code. As soon as the code is entered, Dyrnwyn will spawn in front of the player.

In addition to being a light source, the sword can also be used as a weapon. It is, however, an excellent weapon against foes who are weak to fire damage.

Final Words

Currently, there is no way to obtain the fire sword in the game. So, players can use the trick mentioned above to get it.

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