How to Get the Cheat Sword in Valheim

Iron Gate is more flexible than other developers. So, a number of interesting and questionable things have been implemented into the game by its developers.

The Cheat Sword is one of them. It has been reported that it can deal ten thousand damages per strike. The word “cheat” appears in the name of this sword, and one shouldn’t ignore that fact before getting excited about it.

how to get the cheat sword in valheim

One must, however, use the cheat commands in Valheim in order to acquire this sword. Here is all about the cheat sword.

How to Get the Cheat Sword in Valheim

Cheat swords deal ridiculous amounts of damage. These weapons are mainly used for testing purposes.

This could also be a way for those who are unable to progress in the game but still want to be able to destroy anything in one shot.

This sword is so strong that it can even smash rocks with a single swing. As the player wields the sword, a rainbow glow appears around it. In fact, it resembles a cheat sword.

The sword is truly exceptional. It deals 10,000 base slash damage. And, your sword level will determine how much damage it deals.

Getting the Cheat Sword

You will need to use console commands to spawn the cheat sword. You cannot simply craft it in-game.

From the game’s launch options, you must enable the console.

Then, using the in-game console, enable cheats first if you haven’t. To do that, simply press F5 to access the console.

Then, enter the phrase “devcommands” to begin. And, hit enter to continue. Cheats should now be set to ‘True’.

To spawn the sword once cheats have been enabled, you must use the right command. So, open the console once again. And, type the following command: spawn SwordCheat.

There is a case-sensitive nature to the code. You will also need to include the spaces. And, after the cheat part, you can include a number to spawn more than one.

The item will drop when you enter this code. But, it will not be placed in your inventory right away. Hence, anyone in proximity to your character may accidentally grab the cheat sword.

Cheat Sword Stats

The sword is most likely not going to make it into the game officially. And it is more of a fun item than anything else.

Here are some of the Cheat sword stats:

  • One-handed
  • Weight: 2,0
  • Slash: 10000
  • Block Power: 10
  • Parry Force: 0
  • Parry Bonus: x2
  • Knockback: 40
  • Backstab: x3
  • Movement Speed: -5%

The Iron Gate has always made fun of cheaters.

An example is a command to activate cheats. That command would be “imacheater“. The description on this sword is simple: “Cheater!””.

It is interesting to have 10k slash damage if you want to have some fun with your friends in Valheim or separate worlds.

Uses of Cheat Sword

In Valheim, players may wonder what the purpose of the cheat sword is. The cheat sword can be used for many different things in Valheim.

When you are testing a game, sometimes you just want to beat an enemy easily. The cheat sword lets you defeat any regular enemy with a single hit.

The server administrator may need to keep an eye on the other players quickly. Structures can be easily broken down with a sword.

In addition to structures, trees will also fall in one hit, as well as a variety of other mineral fragments.

Lastly, you may simply want to cheat at the game. Because Valheim is a challenging game.

Also, if you want to be able to go through the game and defeat everyone and collect everything, you will need a powerful sword.

Final Words

The cheat sword is an very interesting item in the game. People who are frustrated with their performance can make a good use of it.

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