How to Get Sulfur in Cryofall

Cryofall allows you to collect sulfur as one of its resources. In early and midgame, it is used in a variety of recipes. Although sulfur is relatively easy to collect, we’ll show you where to find it on the map. Also, we’ll discuss what sulfur can be used for.

What is Sulfur and How to Get it in CryoFall?

Cryofall contains sulfur as one of its materials. Crafting is its primary use. You will receive powdered sulfur when you mine pure sulfur. Sulfur powder is described in-game as “Pure sulfur in the powdered form”. 100 units of sulfur powder create a full stack.

Sulfuric acid is primarily composed of sulfur. It can be created by mixing a bottle of water with five units of sulfur powder. Rubber is also made with sulfur. If you see it, collect as much as you can, as it is a base for a lot of other ingredients.

How to Get Sulfur in Cryofall

The surface of Cryofall is naturally covered with sulfur. The sulfur in large rocks occurs similarly to the sulfur in other ores and minerals. Players must mine these rocks in order to get sulfur powder in their inventory. The sulfur rock may be found just around the forest, however. Depending on where you are on the map, sulfur will spawn more frequently. A rocky mountains biome is what it is called.

How to Get Sulfur in Cryofall

There is a raised area in these areas. The area contains a variety of different rocks. The rocky mountain area is surrounded by a small rock cliff. You can find a rocky mountains area near you by checking this guide to the Cryofall map. You will see a bunch of strange looking rocks once you reach the rocky mountains.

As shown in the image above, we are looking for the rock with yellow on top. Pick up this rock with your pickaxe. You can mine it by holding down the left-mouse button. Your inventory will also contain sulfur powder and stones.

Crafting With Sulfur Powder

As mentioned, sulfur can be mined for a variety of reasons. In the Chemical Laboratory, sulfur is mainly used to produce sulfuric acid. It is possible to craft a power storage module that is partially made with sulfuric acid. In the build menu, you can find power storage once you have researched it.

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Final Words

With sulfur as a base, you can craft a variety of items. In most cases, sulfuric acid must be combined with other materials to produce power. You can find out what sulfur can be used for by checking out the technologies tab.

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