How to Get Steel in Rimworld [4 Best Ways]

You’ll eventually want to build better facilities as you progress through RimWorld. And, steel will be needed for this.

In the beginning, steel isn’t so important. The problem is that many players may not have a stockpile by the time they will be required to use it.

There is steel all over the world, so you won’t have a problem finding it. You just need to know where to look.

Here is How to Get Steel in Rimworld.

How to Get Steel in Rimworld

You can obtain steel in a few different ways. It can then be used for various purposes.

Steel Rimworld
Rimworld steel

How to get steel? You will learn about those methods in detail.

Trade with Other Factions

In Rimworld, steel can be acquired through trading. Send a caravan to another faction base that is friendly or neutral to trade with. After arriving at the base, right-click on it. Choose trade.

Be it a tribe or someone more advanced, most factions will have the steel to trade. You can buy steel for a small sum of silver.

Depending on how large your building goals are or what you want to build, the cost can really add up over time.

rimworld best way to get steel

Researching and building Comms consoles and trading with ships that pass overhead are other ways of trading.

Unfortunately, the number of ships passing overhead is pretty sparse, so this process can take some time.

But, it can be easy to get steel when they fly over. And, your goods will be delivered directly to your colony since you won’t need to leave your colony.

Mine Steel from Mountains

Compacted steel is an ore type found in mountains that can be mined for steel. These ores are fairly noticeable on mountainside slopes. Since it doesn’t appear to be like any of the other common rock types.

There are many of them in Rimworld. You should also find some form of steel resource on your starting map area unless you are extremely unlucky.

There are several ways to mine this compacted steel. Firstly, each part can be selected individually. You can order a colonist to mine out the steel by clicking on the ‘Mine’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Alternatively, you can press the ‘L’ key by default. Colonists will then come and mine out this part of the mountain when they have no other more important jobs to do.

The architect tab at the bottom of the screen allows you to select areas to mine in a mountain. From there, select Orders. Then click Mine. A mining area can be marked from there.

After mining, nothing needs to be processed. Steel is instantly produced when compacted steel is mined.

It is completely dependent on the Mining skill level of your colonists to determine the amount and speed at which steel can be mined.

Drilling Deep

Using the deep drill and ground-penetrating scanner, you can discover underground ore resources. This is a late-game method for obtaining resources.

Not only does it require power, but it also needs to be researched a few items. Ground-penetrating scanners are used to identify minerals underground.

To drill your steel source straight from the ground, move a powered deep drill over the area.

Reclaim Steel by Dismantling Items

In Rimworld, you may wonder how to get steel the quickest when you first spawn on your map. When you first touch down, you’ll see a few small structures called ‘ruins’.

Steel will be seen on the walls, floors, and sometimes even in a few of the items in these ruins.

Ruined items, such as the steel urn and tables, can be deconstructed to recover some of the steel used to make them.

Your colonists can deconstruct these structures if you find some of these areas. Select an item and click on the ‘deconstruct’ button.

During raids, you can do this with items you find all over the map, as well as bases and outposts you find from other factions.

Final Words

This is all about How to Get Steel in Rimworld. Steel is a very vital element that will be needed in building your colony. And, you can easily obtain it by following the steps above. Thank you for reading!!

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