How to Get Ships in Valheim (Guide)

Building a workbench close to the water’s edge is necessary for crafting ships in Valheim. And, to do so, press the crafting button while holding a hammer.

The ships should then appear in the Misc menu. And, the craft can be dropped with a splash so long as it is placed over the water.

how to get ships in valheim

Check out our sailing instructions here to learn more. Listed below are the requirements for each ship in Valheim.

How to Get Ships in Valheim

Ships in Valheim can be divided into three types. There is the basic raft, the Karve, and the longship. The raft is still the simplest and earliest way to make one that can sail.

And, to craft it, you only need 20 pieces of wood, 6 leather scraps, and 6 resins. You can also use these as emergency ships.


A raft is the simplest ship you can build in Valheim. The vessel is a wooden vessel with a sail and a wooden base. By using the rudder at the back of the raft, you can control the raft.

At the back of the raft, there is a ladder that can be interacted with. So, in case the player falls into the water, this can be used to transport them back to the raft.

In the game, the raft is likely to be the first vessel you’ll construct. If a player has access to a black forest that has tin, copper, and surtling cores as well as Eikthyr and the Karve, they should not build the raft before the second ship.

How to Craft the Raft

If near a workbench, use the hammer’s building menu to craft the raft. The raft can be found in the hammer’s ‘misc’ tab. And, initially, the raft is created in the air and falls to the ground.

20 pieces of wood, six leather scraps, and six resin scraps are needed to construct the raft. A workbench of any quality will also need to be within your budget.

And, once you have all of the required items in your inventory, simply place the raft over water. When you have all the items you need in your inventory, simply place the raft over the water.

Raft Controls

For the player to become the king of the seas, they will have to learn some basic controls for the raft. And, the rudder controls all ships.

The player is also able to control the direction of travel and change the speed of the ship.


You can craft the Karve next as a Valheim ship. It is a ship that allows you to explore most of the world. The following are the ingredients for crafting the Karve in Valehim:

  • 20 Fine Wood (harvested from Beech trees with the Bronze axe or better)
  • 10 Deer Hide
  • 20 Resin
  • 80 Bronze Nails (craftable at a Forge using 4 Bronze ingots)

When you craft Bronze Nails for the first time, you will unlock the recipe for the Karve. The Karve will take a long time to craft in Valheim. However, it is worth the effort.

When, compared to the raft, the sailing boat is faster. You can also store goods in its four storage areas if they cannot be transported through teleporters.


Currently, the Longship is the best ship you can access in Valheim. Viking raiders would be able to take their whole clan onboard the longship. Both sides of the ship have a ladder and an extended cargo space.

And, when you need to get to the ship quickly after jumping from a leviathan when you have low stamina. Four stools are available for passengers, and the mast is easily accessible.

At present, the Longship is the fastest ship in Valheim and has the most storage space. Vikings can be transported on this ship in large numbers.

And, at the moment, this is an end-game ship. You will need some iron before you can make this one, so you will need to venture into the swamps first.

How to Craft the Longship

The construction of the Longship was no easy task. To get the resources to craft this one, you’ll have to advance pretty far in the game. And, all of the ships are crafted using the hammer tool, including the Longship.

You will need 100 iron nails, 10 deer hides, 40 fine kinds of wood, and 40 ancient barks to construct the longship. This one will require iron nails as well.

Now, to access the sunken crypts of the swamp, you must defeat The Elder, unless you are very lucky and manage to find some outside the crypts.

However, you can also get ancient bark from swamp trees if you cut them down.

Trade Ship

In Valheim, you can get an unnamed ship as your fourth ship. Trader ship is what the game’s code calls the ship.

The reason for this is that it was only made for a game trailer. You can see the ship briefly appearing in the game around the 26-second mark. At the 1 minute mark, it appears again. The ship doesn’t appear to be driven either time.

Many of the ship’s characteristics are similar to those of the Longship. And, it appears to have the same size and features as the Longship.

In addition, the Longship has identical storage and stool layouts. Storage containers can also be used. Additionally, it can hold as much stuff as a Longship.

There are many static furniture objects on the ship. A makeshift roof is made up of storage containers, barrels, and tarps. A lantern hangs from the mast providing light. So, if the player is under the roof, he will not receive sheltered status.

But, it is impossible to drive the ship at all. The ship’s rudder cannot be controlled. However, this ship has the same physics as any other ship in the game in water.

We do not know whether the ship will appear in a future version of the game. Most probably, the asset may have only been created for use in the game trailer.

Final Words

These are the only ships you can craft in Valheim right now. You should get the Karve as soon as possible. It will make ocean voyages much easier. It will also let you face greater monsters on the sea.

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