How to Get Seeds in Cryofall [3 Ways!]

It’s good news for players planning to farm in Cryofall. Let’s see how to obtain seeds in the game today. The game doesn’t explain some things well. The first step in starting a farm is to gather seeds. Find out more by reading on.

Cryofall Seeds: How to Get Them

Cryofall offers two ways to find seeds. Firstly, by foraging them from the forest. Alternatively, they can be found as loot in ruins. Different types of seeds can be found depending on where you look. In the following sections, we will examine both of these methods in more detail. You can use both methods to find seeds, and we can explain what you can expect.

Method 1: How to Get Seeds From Foraging

Foraging seeds straight from the ground is perhaps the easiest way to acquire seeds in Cryofall. There are no fools or anything in the game to get seeds. Your only requirement will be patience. You can get seeds by researching farming skills. It will be helpful later on. It’s just a matter of finding yourself in a forest biome.

It doesn’t matter which forest you choose. We are searching for small green grass tufts on the ground. Upon picking them up, you will find a small amount of fiber. Here is an example of the ones we are looking for.

Get Seeds in Cryofall by Forgaging

Picking these up is the idea here. There is a chance that you will be able to plant a random seed when you pick up these small grass plants.

Seeds can be obtained this way without rhyme or rhythm. When you pull out grass, you will randomly acquire seeds. Seeds are more likely to be found if you pull out more. This method can be used to acquire certain seeds. In addition, there are some seeds you can obtain using the second method.

Foraging will provide you with seeds such as:

  • Bell Pepper Seeds
  • Carrot Seeds
  • Corn Seeds
  • Cucumber Seeds
  • Tomato Seeds

Method 2: Loot Seeds at the Ruins

Cryofall seeds can also be looted from specific areas on the map. Some of the buildings you’ve seen in your travels may have already been destroyed. It is these small areas that are referred to as ruins. There are some ruins that are potentially dangerous. Strong creatures or radiation can often be found here.

However, there is no reward without risk! You will find a few small wooden chests in these ruins if you explore them. You can see what you’re looking for in the image below. Approach any crates you see. Right-click the mouse and select it. The crate will be opened by your character. The contents can be looted as well.

Ruins Food Crate for Seeds Cryofall

It is also not guaranteed that you will get seeds from the ruins. Due to the randomized nature of loot, you may not get seeds the first time you encounter ruins. It should be noted, however, that seeds are a fairly common loot for ruins.

Picking up grass is probably less likely to yield seeds than exploring ruins. Click here to find the nearest ruins to you. You can use this map to find your way around Cryofall.

Method 3: How to Craft Seeds in Cryofall

Cryofall also offers another way to get seeds. This method requires that you already have the plants. The end seemed like a good place to put it anyway. In case you don’t know, you can create more seeds once you grow a crop. At the farming workbench, you can make more seeds after researching the correct plants.

It is possible to duplicate crops and sand into more seeds once you have some in hand. In general, you can duplicate seeds once you get a packet.


Keep a couple of each crop on hand at all times. You’ll have to look for more seeds if you consume all of one crop. It is possible to generate a never-ending supply of crops and seeds by being careful with your inventory or crafting seeds with each harvest. It’s a matter of finding some seeds to get started.

Final Words

You should now be able to find and craft seeds in Cryofall after reading this guide. Please feel free to ask any additional questions about Cryofall down below.

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