How To Get Plasteel In Rimworld [5 Ways]

The plasteel material is versatile in Rimworld. This material is also durable and strong. And, many objects require plasteel to be created in varying quantities, so it’s not just used in construction.

There is, however, one problem. It is rare to find plasteel in Rimworld. A new player may have difficulty finding it or its source. So, here’s all about How To Get Plasteel In Rimworld.

How To Get Plasteel In Rimworld

plasteel rimworld
Rimworld plasteel

Plasteel is typically a late-game item. Therefore, if you consistently burn through all of your research trees, you will likely run out of plasteel sooner rather than later in your game.

The purpose of this guide is to explain where to find plasteel in Rimworld’s Vanilla game.

Mine Compact Plasteel from Mountain Deposits

rimworld mining
Mineable veins of Jade ore found in mountains

Plasteel can be gained in this way easily. The process is straightforward. You will, however, need a little luck. The generated map area might not contain compacted plasteel.

Hence, a larger map is recommended. You will have to next, colonize an area of mountains.

Then extract materials from the mountains by strip mining. You can colonize other regions on the map if your colonized area does not bring any plasteel.

You can keep mining until plasteel is found. Once you’ve secured a nearly limitless supply of this valuable material, you can return to your main base.

Disassemble fallen Mechanoids

Mechanoids that have been defeated can be disassembled at the machining table into parts. All you need to do is defeat them.

Ensure they are located on a map that your colonist can access. After disassembling all mechanoids, some plasteel will be left behind.

How much plasteel you gain will depend on the number of missing body parts of the creature you’re dissecting.

In Rimworld, scythers are a type of mechanoid

There may come a time in your colony when you are warned of an ‘Ancient Danger‘ hidden deep within the mountainside or enclosed by walls. There is a possibility of mechanoids or insects spawning in this area.

Continually settling in new locations is a method of finding more mechanoids. It’s time to explore the ancient dangers on the map, destroy the Mechanoids, and rinse and repeat. It’s the same as mining.

A mechanoid attack may also occur on your colony. And after surviving the raid, you will have some Plasteel left over for use.

Deep drill mining for plasteel

The Deep drill object can be found in your Rimworld research tree. It is possible to mine large amounts of plasteel underground using this deep drill. The deep drill can technically be used randomly on the ground, looking for plasteel sources, but it is time-consuming and not recommended.

‘Ground Penetrating Scanner’ is an item you can create. In this process, large deposits of ore, including the elusive plasteel, are searched for under the ground. Putting a colonist on top of the area, powering up the deep drill, and assigning it to drill is all you need to do once you have found a good location.

If there are no more urgent jobs, colonists who have the ‘mining’ job selected will automatically drill periodically. Multiple ore veins can be found under the ground in one map area, making this one of the best sources of Plasteel.

Occasionally, however, you may experience a negative event referred to as a ‘small infestation’ while using the deep drill. When that happens, you have accidentally drilled into a nest of sleeping insects. It’s just a random event, you haven’t done anything wrong.

A small infestation should not be a problem if you have deep drilling technology.

Get Plasteel from Meteorite Drop – Lucky Day

Depending on which meteorite falls to earth, you might get a variety of materials. But it might also destroy your base.

So, it is a double-edged sword. These meteorites will provide you with a lot of valuable materials if you survive.

Plasteel isn’t the only thing you can find here, gold, silver, and uranium are possible as well. It’s rare for this to happen so don’t rely on it in an emergency.

Acquire Plasteel by Trade

In Rimworld, you can trade with a comms console

Trading Caravans:

Plasteel is easiest to get by trading with other factions on the rim. Your colony will occasionally be visited by trading caravans seeking to buy and sell goods.

If you have the most socially skilled colonist, choose him or her. To start the trading process, right-click the trader in the group.

You can trade with only one of the group members who bear the ‘Question Mark’ symbol above their heads.

Any colonist can be used for trading. But, you will get the best deal from the trade if you use the person with the highest social skill.

Trade with other factions by sending your colonists:

The world menu also allows you to send colonists to trade with friendly factions.

Simply select your settlement in the world menu. You must then set up a caravan. Choose which colonists and animals you want to travel with.

Include some silver and expensive items to trade with the friendly faction since plasteel is quite expensive.

You may want to pack some bedrolls and enough meals for your colonists, depending on how far away the friendly settlement is.

Through the Comms Console, trade with passing ships:

When you have researched enough tech, you will be able to purchase a Comms console.

Trading ships occasionally fly overhead and you can trade directly with them if you have the Comms console enabled.

The console must be powered. You will then be able to send your colonist to the Comms console and interact with the trading ship as you would when dealing with a trading party.

You will need an Orbital trading beacon set up in your stockpile if you want to sell and trade items from your colony.


Where do you get Plasteel RimWorld?

Usually found in smaller veins, these tiles range from two to eight in size. Depending on the difficulty setting and the mining yield of the pawn, each mined block has a base yield of 40 plasteel.

What is Plasteel for RimWorld?

The strongest material in the game is Plasteel. High-tech items are commonly used, especially ship engines and other modules, which are necessary to construct a spaceship to escape the planet.

Final Words

This is all about How To Get Plasteel In Rimworld. You can try these methods in order to try getting more Plasteel in Rimworld.

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