How to Get Neutroamine in Rimworld [Easy Guide]

You may have been wondering how to get Neutroamine if you’ve been playing RimWorld a lot lately. Neutroamine can be used for many things.

However, it is not readily available. A decent supply of Neutroamine is necessary if you’re going to make medicines or cloth, including herbal medicine.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a quick guide on how to get Neutroamine in RimWorld.

How to Get Neutroamine in Rimworld

A drug lab needs neuroamine to produce various drugs, including penoxycyline and wake-up. The standard medicine at the drug lab can also be made by combining neutramine with herbal medicine and cloth.

Mods may also require neutroamine for crafting other drugs, such as pain relievers or antidepressants. Here are some ways on how to obtain Neutroamine in Rimworld without using mods.

rimworld how to get neutroamine
Buying Neutroamine from traders is the most common way to obtain it
  • Trading it with Traders: You may find Neutroamine with orbital traders and caravan traders who trade bulk and exotic goods as well as pirates. Neutropine is often sold by traders in quantities of 150-200 bottles. Each bottle costs about 10 silver. And, neutrophine is best obtained through this method in vanilla RimWorld.
  • Loot raiders from raiding parties: When raiders raid your colony, they may drop Neutroamine
  • Raid bases: You may find the item when raiding enemy factions. Neutroamine is fairly hard to find in Rimworld. When you destroy a base or rescue a colonist, you may find some when participating in in-game events. Alternatively, you can loot a base yourself to find it.
  • It can be obtained from crashed ships: Neutronamine, as well as dozens of other resources, is also often found in crashed ships, despite their rarity.
  • Cargo pods can deliver it: It is also possible to loot neutroamine from crashed pods if you have the right luck.
  • Trading with Factions: In Rimworld, you can obtain Neutroamine by it trading with your neighbors. It is probably not a good idea to trade with tribal factions. In general, the higher the faction’s tech level, the more item varieties they will have.

How to Craft Neutroamine with RimWorld Mods

The Boomalope mod for Steam lets you craft neutroamine using Boomrates and Boomalopes. In your drug lab, you can use nitroglycerin to produce neutroamine.

Nitroglycerin can also be dropped with the mod. This makes crafting this sought-after resource even easier.

Creating Medicine with Neutroamine

The Drug Lab can create medicine by combining 1 unit of Neutroamine, 1 unit of Herbal Medicine, and 3 units of cloth. It is required for colonists to have both an intellectual and crafting skill of at least 4 in order to create medicine at the Drug Lab. You can either find a colonist who meets these requirements or farm them up in Rimworld. Mass producing items at crafting stations is an easy way to farm crafting. By setting research as your pawn’s only job, you can easily train their intellectual skill.

rimworld neutroamine
Weight and average price of items in Rimworld

Creating drugs in Rimworld with Neutroamine

In Rimworld, you can craft three types of drugs using Neutroamine. Materials required for each of these 3 drugs are listed below:

Neutroamine + Yayo = Go-Juice

2 Neutroamine = Penoxycylin

2 Neutroamine = Wake-Up

The corresponding research page must first be unlocked before Neutroamine can be used to craft the aforementioned items.

Extract Neutroamine from Boomalopes and Boomrats

It’s annoying to deal with boomalopes and boomrats. Despite being peaceful by nature, they explode when threatened, damaging everything they come into contact with.

They also have an unusual shape with attached bubbles, suggesting that they contain an inflammable liquid. There are no official records of what this liquid is, but modders have been using it for various purposes.

Many mods claim that this liquid is chemfuel, others claim it is neutroamine, and others claim it is made of something entirely different.

Boomalopes and boomrats can be milked for neutroglycerin by the Chemicals & Neutroamine Mod. As a result, Neutroamine will become available in the drug lab for crafting.

To refine one bottle of neutroamine, you will need two buckets of neutroglycerin as well as a pawn with an 8 crafting skill. Ten buckets of neutroglycerin are produced by boomalopes in five days.

A bucket of neutroglycerin is produced by boomrats in one day. The mod also makes it possible for neutroglycerin to be converted to Chemfuel at the refinery.

Final Words

In Rimworld, you can only obtain Neutroamine through those methods. Mods called ‘vanilla friendly’ also include crafting or production of Neutroamine. Thus, they can be used.

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