How to Get Nails in Project Zomboid (Guide)

In Project Zomboid, nails are among the most stable building materials. Nails will be necessary either to level the carpentry skill or to build a base in the game.

At first, they may be difficult to find. But, the following page will tell you how you can get your nails done in Project Zomboid. After that, you can build whatever you want.

how to get nails in project zomboid

Let’s begin.

How to Get Nails in Project Zomboid

There are many places where nails can be found. The best places to look are in hardware stores and retail maintenance areas. These areas have a lot of useful shelves.

These shelves are also commonly found in garages and tool sheds in residential homes. Other materials, such as hammers and sledgehammers, can also be found in these areas.

Also, consider stopping in a shed near a house if you find one, so you can check the shelves. However, make sure not to get attacked by a horde.

They can also be found as crafting materials. When you break down wooden furniture and objects and collect them for crafting purposes, you can often get a few nails.

Nevertheless, this is a very time-consuming job that requires carpentry skills. Consequently, it is not always a viable option.

Spend some time gathering nails and other items if you happen to find a house that’s not overrun with zombies. Taking apart furniture is an excellent way to collect wood and other useful items.

Uses of Nails

Now that you’ve got some nails, you can start using them. Nails can be used to create all kinds of wooden materials and construction pieces.

Nails are also necessary for building walls, doors, or any other items. A hammer will also be helpful. Make sure you have a couple of those.

It is possible to consolidate 100 nails into one box. But, this is solely for organizational purposes. And, it does not provide a strategic advantage.

Final Words

Thanks for reading this article on how to get nails in project zomboid. Now, you know how you can get those. So, start building.

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