How to Get More Settlers in Going Medieval

In Going Medieval, settlers are your colony’s most valuable resource. The fields cannot be tended, buildings cannot be built, or anything else can be done without settlers. Besides the settlers who founded your colony, as you progress in the story you will have the opportunity to recruit more settlers. In this guide, you’ll learn how to build up a thriving colony in Going Medieval by getting more settlers.

How to Get More Settlers in Going Medieval

In Going Medieval, you can get a lot of colonists in two ways:

Throughout the game, random events occur
When setting up the game, start with a larger group of settlers

The first method applies only to those who have already started a game. Raiders cannot be recruited. Your colony may be attacked by them or colonists may be purchased by them.

How to Start The Game With More Settlers

The number of settlers can increase if you start a new game. You can do this by starting the game as usual. Your game can be played on any difficulty level. When you get to the menu where you select your starting conditions, you’ll see three options:

  • A New Life
  • Lone Wolf
  • Add New
going medieval how to get more settlers
Add New allows you to create a custom scenario

Add New is the one we are interested in here. Selecting Add New allows you to create your own custom starting conditions. This is where you can decide how many settlers to start with, among other things. The first thing you need to do is name your new start.

In the menu above, this name appears with A New Life and Lone Wolf. For now, it doesn’t really matter what the description and narrative are about. Read how these affect the game by hovering over the small book icon. Number of Settlers is the one we’re interested in.

going medieval max settlers
You can start with as many settlers as you like!

As you can see above, we have increased the number of starting settlers to 5. This number can be changed to whatever you like. Performance issues may occur when very large numbers are used. I think that’s all there is to it. Upon selecting this scenario and moving to the next screen, you will start with the number of settlers you selected.

Getting More Settlers Through Events

In Going Medieval, you can naturally recruit settlers through recruit events. You will encounter these events at random when playing Going Medieval. You will receive a message when any of these events occur. In this section, you can see a little about what is happening in this event and decide what to do.

More settlers can be obtained through a few events. There will be challenges associated with some of these. The settler can be taken in by you. It can, however, come at a cost. Here are some examples:

Taking in a starving settler: One of the events includes a starving hungry settler appearing in your colony. It is up to you whether to let them into your colony or not.

Upon your decision, they will immediately join the colony. However, they will be starving hungry and will need food soon. Getting colonists this way is one of the best ways to do it.

A Settler is Attacked By Cannibals: Another way to get settlers is to attack them. A person fleeing a hostile group on the world map will be informed to you in this case. Your settlement has been discovered by them, and they are seeking assistance from you. Following the message, you will have to fight off a group of raiders if you accept this person.

It is also likely that the settler joining the group will suffer some injury. You will still need to hand over this settler when the raiders start their raid. Your colony will not be raided if you give the settler over. The mood of your settlers will be severely affected.

Recruiting Prisoners and More in Future Updates

Here is Going Medieval’s official development roadmap

access is available for Going Medieval. As a result, not all features have been implemented yet. We are confident that more methods of obtaining settlers will be added to the game as it is still in early access. A steam news post revealed the official roadmap for Going Medieval.


How many settlers can I have in Going Medieval?

A soft cap of around 20 settlers applies to the population, but no hard cap exists. Different games will have different outcomes: sometimes, you will experience more randomness than others.

What Else?

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Final words

The roadmap indicates that it might be possible to recruit more settlers. There is a possibility that hostile characters, like those in Rimworld, can be captured and recruited.

You may attract Oak Brethren followers to your colony because of your colony’s religious influence. Hopefully, these features will be added to the game in future updates.

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