How to Get More Colonists in Rimworld (Fastest Guide)

The goal of RimWorld is to ensure your colony’s survival, expansion, and other things. And, choosing the storyteller when creating the game determines how many colonists you will have in your colony.

A single colony can contain an unlimited number of people. However, every storyteller affects the population of a colony in different ways.

how to get more colonists in rimworld

And, in this article, we will see How to Get More Colonists in Rimworld.

How to Get More Colonists in Rimworld

As you start your game, your storyteller determines how many colonists are available. Your storyteller will affect your colony’s population based on three variables, but the units aren’t limited.

Your storyteller can affect your colony’s population at a minimum, maximum, and critical level.

For instance, Cassandra Classic has a maximum critical population of 18; Phoebe Chillax has a maximum critical population of 18.

Meanwhile, Randy Random sets the bar at 50. Do not cross these thresholds, as the game will trigger a number of events to dampen your colonial count.

Here are some tips you can use to recruit more colonists in RimWorld.

Changing the Settings

The number of RimWorld colonists can be changed before starting a new game:

1. Click “New Game” on the menu.

2. Choose your starting scenario.

3. Access the settings by clicking the “Scenario Editor” button.

4. Click on “Edit Mode” in the left section.

5. Select the “Starting People” tab. Type in the number you want.

Start the game now by exiting the menu.

Slave Traders

Trade caravans in RimWorld are allowed to trade slaves. Slaves can be purchased in the game just like any other item.

As a similar option, you may sell your colonists into slavery, but this will give them a massive mood debuff.

As with any other item on the trading menu, you can buy new colonists. The trade can be started by one of your colonists contacting the trader on your behalf.

Prices will also differ between colonists. And, prices will depend on the colonist’s skill set, health, and traits.

Health and general characteristics are high among colonists with bionic. This will make them more expensive. Your colonists won’t feel better if you buy a slave.

In addition, those colonists you do purchase will have positive moods for a short time after they are freed from slavery.

Convert Prisoners Into Colonists

You can find plenty of colonists if you know how to handle enemy raids. By knocking invaders to the ground without slaying them, you can take them, prisoner.

Here’s what you need to do if you want to convert enemies to increase your population:

1. A sleeping spot should be made in an enclosed area with a door and walls.

2. Select the sleeping object. Then convert it to a prisoner’s bed.

3. Choose a colonist once your enemy has been defeated. Give them the role of Warden. Select the invader by clicking on it.

4. Click on “Capture”.

5. Now, the colonists will deliver the attacker to a previously constructed prison area. There must be a bed for each prisoner.

6. Choose a prisoner from the interface and navigate to the “Prisoner” section.

To build trust and reduce resistance, the Warden will talk to the prisoner periodically. The prisoner will finally be converted after several sessions.

The unit’s Recruitment Difficulty will ultimately determine whether they are successful.

It takes time to convert prisoners into colonists. Those in charge of breaking prisoner resistance will have a harder time doing so if the prisoner’s resistance is high.

You can also develop the social skills of your colonists by providing your prisoners with good food like kibble.

Cryo-Sleep Pawns

In each map of RimWorld, there is an area called “Ancient Danger.”. It may be a mountain or an enclosed building already present on the map.

You will receive a message telling you that your colonist got a bad feeling while walking near these areas. Old danger contains enemies such as ancient mechanoids or insect creatures.

You will find cryo-pods in the room once you have defeated these enemies. The pawns in these pods are likely to remain frozen for hundreds of years.

But, the instruments can be awakened by selecting your colonist and opening the pods.

The pawns you use have the potential to turn hostile against your colonists. The same method you use to capture and recruit prisoners can be used to capture these pawns.

Taming Wild Persons

It is possible that the game will notify you when a wild person reaches the map. Wild people have never interacted with humans before. So, taming them is similar to taming an animal.

1. Get your colonist close to a wild person.

2. Choose them and press “Tame.”

Your colony will need food to facilitate your taming attempts.

Colonists’ Animal skills also contribute to the success of this effort. There is a high chance that the wild person will attack the colonists if they aren’t very good at taming them.

The wild person should be knocked down, caught, and converted.

Arresting Friendly Visitors

To get more colonists, friendly traders and visitors can be apprehended. This is a practical but morally questionable approach.

But, you can attempt to arrest a friendly visitor with your colonist if you have no qualms about using this recruitment tactic.

The ‘Man in Black’ Event

If the right conditions are met, your colony may be joined by the man in black. The game may spawn the Man in Black if all of your pawns are incapacitated.

It will join your colony immediately and give you the chance to rescue people a second time. Your colony will continue to have the man in black forever, even after you manage to rescue all colonists.


What is the max number of colonists RimWorld?

Storytellers have a ‘soft cap’ after which they will no longer send you colonists, and new colonists will be harder to come by. For Cassy and Phoebe, it is around 20, and for Randy, it is about 40.

Can you recruit slaves in RimWorld?

A freed slave simply runs away and rejoins their old faction after being emancipated. Recruiting them should be possible if you arrest them.

Final Words

You will eventually be able to grow into a large colony with these methods In addition, your colony will also need time to build up enough strength to defeat enemy raids and capture and recruit prisoners.

Therefore, you should be patient.

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