How to Get Mineral Oil in Cryofall [Easy Guide]

The game starts fairly simple when you start playing Cryofall. In order to help you learn the game, the game will provide you with small quests. A bed, for example, can be built and used.

It is quite easy to get started with the game at this point. However, it gets a little tricky once you start dealing with electrical and fuel refinement. You can create Mineral Oil as one of your items. The purpose of this article is to explain how you can get mineral oil in Cryofall. Show you how it can be crafted.

What is Mineral Oil?

Cryofall contains liquid mineral oil. “Canister with mineral oil” is the in-game description, leaving much to the imagination. The versatility of mineral oil makes it perfect for Cryofall creations.

Mineral oil is primarily used to make plastics. The production of plastic can be mass produced using mineral oil and other materials.

How to Get Mineral Oil in Cryofall

Cryofall can be a difficult place to find mineral oil. Building an oil refinery is the first step. Industry tier 3 teaches this. After the refinery has been built and researched, petroleum can be processed into mineral oil and gasoline. Keeping the oil refinery running will also require maintaining a power supply.

You simply need to wait until the mineral oil has been processed after you have loaded the powered oil refinery with petroleum. Once that is done, you can directly place it into canisters. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting mineral oil.

How to Get Mineral Oil Step-By-Step

Mineral oil production is a very complex process. For those who still don’t understand, we’ll break it down into several steps.

Research the Technology

To create mineral oil, you must first research the correct technologies. In order to accomplish this, you will need to conduct research on tier 3 industries. The technologies panel can be accessed by pressing the G key. Those 3 down the middle are the only ones we are interested in. In order to research these technologies, you’ll also need to unlock some previous ones.

Go back to your game after researching the oil refinery and the petroleum canister. Our oil refinery is ready for construction.


We will now begin building. A toolbox must be crafted before you can build. A refinery will be built first. The process of converting petroleum into mineral oil takes place here. Our previous step already included research on this topic. A construction menu can be accessed by pressing the B key.

Visit Industry. Then choose the refinery. In order to build this, you will need ten steel ingots, ten copper ingots, and 20 dry cement mix. This can be used to get fuel and mineral oil, as indicated in the tooltip. That’s perfect!

Electricity is also used in the oil refinery. For this machine to work, you’ll need electricity. Generators and sources can be built in any style. The oil refinery We run is run on an organic bioreactor. Create a source of electricity as well.

Getting Petroleum

Do you remember the other research we did under the oil refinery? An example of a petroleum canister can be seen here. Our refinery will refine this liquid into mineral oil. Foraging is the first step in making most items and minerals in Cryofall. It is no different when it comes to petroleum.

Oilpod fruit is probably something you have noticed while picking up random items. You cannot eat this. An empty canister and Oilpod fruit can be used to create a petroleum canister. Firstly, check out the crafting workbench. You need to craft a canister. Plastic or metal can be used to make a canister.

Our preferred materials for crafting my canisters are iron and copper. Plastic is much harder to find. You’re halfway there once you have a canister. Find as many oilpod fruits as you can.

Black round fruits are found on these bushed. Below is an image. You should gather as much as you can. To make a petroleum canister, you will need 5 oilpod fruits. At the workbench, you can craft a petroleum canister once you have these.

Process Petroleum into Mineral Oil

The hard work is done once you’ve got your petroleum canister. You should craft a few. Make your way to the oil refinery. Press the right-mouse button to open the refinery. On this screen, you’ll see many different areas of the refinery. At first, this might seem a little confusing. Here is a breakdown of it.

You can see the input on the left. Petroleum canisters can be placed here. As you can see from the red bar, there is still a lot of petroleum in the refinery. As a result, gasoline and mineral oil will be slowly produced.

There are also two green bars and two yellow bars. In the refinery, this is how much gasoline and mineral oil are ready for extraction. Gasoline is green, and mineral oil is yellow.

Each liquid’s output is shown on the right. An empty canister should be placed in the top box of the oil refinery in order to draw out the liquid. Here is an example of us taking mineral oil out of the refinery. Once the canister is filled, drag it to your inventory.

You’ll also know when the oil refinery doesn’t have power. A power source is required to process petroleum. Power cuts aren’t a problem. There will be no loss. The power settings can be configured on the right. You don’t really need to do this unless you don’t want your grid to be overloaded.

How to Store Mineral Oil

After filling your canisters with mineral oil, you may be wondering what to do with all these stacks. Fortunately, you can store mineral oil in liquid form rather than in cans.

It will also save you the trouble of crafting a thousand canisters to transport all of your oil. The wooden barrel can be found on the construction tier 2 technology page. Upon researching this barrel, you will be able to build it and store liquids in it. By doing so, you will be able to keep your canisters free.

Final words

The construction menu allows you to make a wooden barrel after you’ve researched it. Located under storage is the wooden barrel. You can store liquids in the barrel by opening it up with your right mouse button. By doing so, the barrel will be opened. Using the right-side menu, drag your full canister there.

The liquid will be stored in the barrel as a result. When you mouse over the colored bar, you can see how much liquid is contained in the barrel. A colored symbol appears on the barrel’s outside once a liquid is stored in it.

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