How to Get Linen Thread in Valheim (EASY)

In the final stages of Valheim, linen thread is an incredibly valuable resource. It is also the main ingredient in Padded Armor and most Black Metal weapons. And, as of right now, Black Metal Weapons and Padded Armor set are the best gear.

Linen Thread can be found on the Plains, but Vikings have to go there to find it. But, they must also defeat formidable enemies to find it. Planting is also required to find it.

how to get linen thread in valheim

Here’s how to get Linen Thread in Valheim.

How to Get Linen Thread in Valheim

Finding flax is the first step in getting linen thread.

The flax will need to be inserted into the spinning wheel once you have it, in order to process it.

Get a Spinning Wheel

You will receive a crafting resource called dragon tears once you have defeated the fourth forsaken, Moder. Dragon tears can be used to create a crafting station called the artisan table.

Using the hammer, the player can craft a spinning wheel once the artisan table is crafted.

Here are the items and materials you will need to create a spinning wheel with the hammer.

  • 20 Fine Wood
  • 10 Iron Nails
  • 5 Leather Scraps
  • Within Range of the Artisan Table

A spinning wheel will then be placed down by the player. As soon as the player places the spinning wheel, they can begin spinning flax into linen thread for crafting.

Besides using flax in farming to get more flax or spinning it to make linen thread, flax has no other use.

At any given time, 40 flax can be held on the spinning wheel. As far as the spinning wheel is concerned, there is no need to use coal as fuel. It works automatically without the player’s assistance.

Eventually, the flax pieces will be transformed into linen thread as they exit the output chute. At that point, the player can walk over. They can pick it up and use it immediately.

You can approach the spinning wheel by simply walking up to it. Then, insert flax into the spinning wheel to begin processing flax.

It is only used to obtain linen thread. The spinning wheel cannot be used for anything else.

How to Craft with Linen Thread

Linen thread can be used to create many different weapons and armor items. In the current version of Valheim, the padded armor set is the best armor set available.

And, as with all weapon classes in the game, Blackmetal weapons do some of the most damage.

The following Valheim weapons and armor can be crafted with Linen Thread:

  • Blackmetal Atgeir: 30 Black Metal, 10 Fine Wood, 5 Linen Thread
  • Blackmetal Axe: 20 Black Metal, 6 Fine Wood, 5 Linen Thread
  • Blackmetal Knife: 10 Black Metal, 5 Linen Thread, 4 Fine Wood
  • Blackmetal Sword: 20 Black Metal, 5 Linen Thread, 2 Fine Wood
  • Linen Cape: 20 Linen Thread, 1 Silver
  • Padded Cuirass: 20 Linen Thread, 10 Iron
  • Padded Greaves: 20 Linen Thread, 10 Iron
  • Padded Helmet: 15 Linen Thread, 10 Iron
  • Porcupine: 20 Iron, 10 Linen Thread, 5 Fine Wood, 5 Needle

Final Words

Linen Thread can be pretty useful if you know how to use it. And, thanks for reading this article. That’s all for today.

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