(WORKING) How to Get Iron in Valheim

A dangerous quest in the game is to find iron in Valheim. For that, a smelter must first be built and the Elder must be defeated.

And also a key item must be obtained from this enemy before you can explore the area where iron is hidden.

how to get iron in valheim

Here’s our Valheim guide on where and how to get iron in Valheim.

How to Get Iron in Valheim

Valheim has iron as one of its strongest materials.

It gives the ability to create new weapons, armor, and tools in this tricky survival game are essential to surviving and thriving.

This guide will show you how to find Iron in Valheim.

Where can I find Iron?

Valheim’s metals are usually mined from natural deposits as ores. With iron, however, things are a bit different.

Valheim does not have iron ore deposits for whatever reason. The only iron you can find is scrap iron from scrap piles.

In the Swamp biome, these can be found only in Sunken Crypts.

This means you can’t even approach them until after you’ve defeated the second boss and collected the Swamp Key.

Once you gain access to the Crypts, scrap iron can be found everywhere. The most reliable place to find scrap iron is in the mud pools.

If you find a chest in the Crypts, you may also find a few more pieces of iron in it.

The Wishbone you get after defeating Bonemass and collecting it can then be used to search for other muddy scrap piles in the Swamp.

But, it’s not as efficient or reliable as searching for it in the Sunken Crypts.

Mining Iron

It is still possible in Valheim to mine iron, despite the superficial differences.

To dig up the scrap iron and other resources in those muddy scrap piles, you’ll need a pickaxe.

If you think about it, this is pretty gross, like a lot of things in the swamp.

It must have been quite a while since that mud solidified so you needed a pickaxe to dig through it?

Furthermore, why do these muddy scrap piles contain pre-worked scrap iron, leather scraps, and withered bones as well?

Sadly, muddy scrap piles don’t drop very often.

There is only a 25% chance of finding anything useful in the muck. However, iron tends to drop the most frequently.

Nevertheless, you’ll need a lot of it in the future.

Therefore, you should just roll up your sleeves and start mining the moment you enter the Crypts.

Smelting Iron

Scrap Iron isn’t very useful by itself in Valheim. Therefore, you’ll need to smelt it to make Iron.

A Smelter can be used to smelt Scrap Iron. And, you can create a Smelter with 20 Stones and 5 Surtling Cores if you don’t already have one.

Surtling Cores in Valheim can be harvested from Surtlings. You can also access the dungeons in the Black Forests or Meadows biomes from Burial Chambers.

The Smelter will smelt each scrap iron piece into a single piece of iron.

But, for each scrap iron, you want to smelt, you’ll need to provide the Smelter with a piece of coal.

Final Words

A lot of iron is required for crafting iron gear. So, be prepared to spend a lot of time in the crypts if you want powerful gear and weapons.

You can make your trips safer by crafting bronze armor and weapons until you gain enough scrap iron to upgrade your gear.

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