(Working) How to Get Hay in Stardew Valley

You primarily use hay to feed your animals in Stardew Valley. If you have more animals, you will need more hay each day. The good news is that there are several ways to get hay.

how to get hay in stardew valley

Let’s check them out.

How to Get Hay in Stardew Valley

As you feed your chickens and other farm animals with hay, it is an important resource in Stardew Valley. However, your farm animals can simply graze outside in order to get their food.

They will, however, choose to stay in their warm barns or coops during the cold winter months. It is therefore necessary to provide hay to them.

In the game, you can hold 99 stacks of hay within your backpack. Hay can be stored in this manner, but the short amount of space makes it less efficient than other methods.

It is best to build a silo on your farm for storing hay. It can hold up to 240 bales of hay. You can then automatically take hay from inside your animal buildings once you have one built on your farm.

You will need 100 stones, 10 clay, 5 copper bars, and 100g to build a silo at Robin’s shop.

Hay can be placed in the silo by holding it in your hands and clicking on it. The silo can hold 240 units of hay, as previously mentioned.

Once you reach that limit, you will need to store the excess in a chest or in your backpack.

Buy Hay From Marnie

For 50g a piece, you can buy some hay from Marnie if you’re in desperate need. There is a ranch named Marnie’s Ranch in the Cindersap forest about a mile south of your farm.

She opens her store every Wednesday through Sunday between 9:00 and 4:00 p.m. The store is closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and holidays.

Talk to Marnie at the counter in Marnie’s shop. Next, click on “Supplies Shop.”

The list begins with Hay. To the right of the item name is the price (50g a piece). To purchase Hay, click the item name.

The downside is that this can quickly add up to a lot of money even if it’s an easy way to buy hay. This affects you the most when you can’t find money, especially early on in the game.

So, Marnie isn’t always your best option, though. There is also the option of growing your own hay.

Grow Grass and Get Hay

Growing grass seeds and waiting for them to grow out is one way to get a good supply of hay. Hay grows differently from other crops. The plants don’t grow in a single row, but in a bunch.

The grass won’t grow bigger. But, if left alone, it will spread out in every direction, resulting in more hay for harvesting. Hay does not need to be watered, and it can grow throughout the year except during the winter.

Once unlocked, the greenhouse can also grow hay all year round.

You will need to visit Pierre’s General Store during opening hours in order to initiate your grass plantation. Afterward, you will approach Pierre to buy some “Grass Starter”.

Located in the heart of Stardew Valley, next to the doctor’s office, Pierre’s store sells all kinds of merchandise.

Then you can throw the grass starters on your farm once you have purchased them. After that, you will have grass growing on your farm.

It is time to harvest your grass after letting it grow for a few days. When you hit it with the scythe, your grass will instantly turn into hay.

Grass can be harvested into hay with any quality of Scythe. You will immediately store the hay in one or more silos if you have them on your farm.

You will need to select it at the silo if you wish to have it in your inventory.

Final Words

This is all about How to Get Hay in Stardew Valley. Hay is mainly used to feed livestock, but there are a few other uses in Stardew Valley.

For example, if you choose to complete the quest in the Community Center, you will need at least ten pieces of hay.

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