How to Get Green Herb in Cryofall? [with Uses & Process]

There are many materials in cryofall that contain the green herb. It is relatively straightforward to introduce green herbs into the system, but we felt it warranted its own discussion.

Let’s begin by looking at how to get green herbs. After that, we’ll discuss what they do and how they’re processed.

What is The Green Herb?

Cryofall’s green herbs are small plants that can be used to craft items. Healing products are primarily made from these plants. They are found in the wild. In fact, these plants are edible right away.

There is a healing effect associated with it. Besides a small boost to your health, the green herb in Cryofall won’t provide any other benefits.

How to Get Green Herb in Cryofall
game description for a green herb

Green herbs are described in-game as follows: Medicinal herb with unique healing and antibacterial properties. Can be used as-is, but becomes much more potent once properly prepared

Its in-game icon is a small leafy green root. Additionally, it can be found throughout the game in various biomes.

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How to Get Green Herb in Cryofall

The green herb is one of the easy-to-obtain resources in Cryofall. Foraging is required to obtain the green herb. In the game, there is a green herb in pretty much every biome. If you see grass, you may be able to find green herbs on the ground.

Cryofall’s green herbs may look alike at first, but you’ll soon see that they are different from the other small plants. In the forest, look for small fern-like plants like the ones shown in the photo below to find green herbs. Get close to these plants. Click the right mouse button.

How to Get Green Herb in Cryofall
Green Herb looks very similar to Fiber Plants

In contrast to fiber plants, when you mouse over the green herb, the action gather appears on the screen. There will be a short wait by the plant. As the character waits, the plant must be gathered. By looking at its appearance, you can distinguish a green herb from other foraging plants.

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Green herbs also differ in size from other fiber plants in-game. Take a run through the forest. If you are in a forest or meadow, you will find green herbs. Barren areas are pointless to search. Green herbs aren’t found there.

Crafting With the Green Herb

It is recommended that you use the herb for crafting, even though it can be used on its own. Thus, the amount of healing done by the plant alone is negligible in comparison with what can be crafted from it.

Herbal Remedies are among the first medicines you can craft. At the cooking table, green herb, rustshroom, and water bulb fruit can be combined to create an herbal remedy. Foraging is a good option for most of these items. Therefore, you can create your own herbal remedy.

How to Get Green Herb in Cryofall

As you can see in the image above, the herbal remedy heals 30% and only requires two green herbs. In the combination of two green herbs alone, a healing effect would be achieved of only 16%. This herbal remedy not only completely eliminates your nausea condition, but also gives your character a better quality of life.

You’ll be in better shape after doing this! You can make a few other recipes with green herb in addition to crafting with it. To save time, we will not list all of them here. The following are some examples of what you can make:

Anti Mutation Medicine

If your character has been exposed to too much radiation, they may develop a mutation effect. As a result of the mutation, various effects will cause more damage.

A mutation can be seen in the example below. Characters can be more damaged by radiation from ruins due to their strength. In order to survive in ruins, the injury must first be treated. This effect will be completely reversed by antimutation medicine.

The following items can be used to prepare anti-mutation medicine at a cooking table or in a laboratory:

10 Green Herb
5 Red Herb
5 Purple Herb
5 Toxin
5 Salt


The importance of this item in early medicine cannot be overstated. When you are fighting a creature, it may scratch you.

As a result, your character may bleed. The longer they bleed, the more health they will lose. The injury will not heal without a bandage. Bandages can be created by combining 1 green herb with 20 fiber units in a medical laboratory.

Final words

There are quite a few items on the list that indicate the green herb is used in medicine quite a bit. See how Cryofall’s medical tech trees and other recipes can be made with green herbs.

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