How to Get Flax in Valheim (EASILY)

Your burgeoning farmstead will have two more crops to choose from in Valheim’s final biome, the plains. We’ll tell you where you can find flax in this Valheim farming guide.

how to get flax in valheim

Also, you will find out what tools you will need. So, let’s get started.

How to Get Flax in Valheim

The Fuling camp in Valheim contains a material called flax. So, first, you must find their camps. Then, investigate their farms. You must then take flax directly from the farmers. Flax can also then be grown by you.

There are many ways to craft in Valheim with flax, which is a dense organic material. And, linen thread is made from flax.

This material is often used by late-game armors and weapons once it has been turned into linen thread.

Flax is a plant at its core. Consequently, more flax can be produced by replanting the plant.

However, in its raw state, flax cannot be used for crafting or cooking. Instead, it is grown to become linen thread.

In-game, flax is described as ‘unspun fiber from a flax plant.’

Where to Find Flax

In the plains biome, flax won’t grow wild. Fuling villages are the only places where you’ll find them.

They either have their own farms or have chests dotted about their villages where you can collect them.

Flax can be obtained in Valheim in two ways. You can start by checking the above location to see where you can find some.

You will have to steal some from a village. If you find flax, you can also farm it.

Looting Flax

You must loot flax from Fuling villages. And, if you plant more, you can loot one piece. The best thing to do is to try to grab as much flax as you can when you see it.

It isn’t quite possible to kill all the Fuling in the area if you’re playing multiplayer. The Fuling can be led out of the village by some of your team. So, one player steals the flax while another sneaks in.

Simply walk up to the flax and interact with it to get it into your inventory. You can also harvest flax plants by simply breaking them down with a weapon or tool.

For this, you can use the atgeir’s secondary attack. You will receive 2 flax units per adult plant harvested.

Farming and Planting Flax

You now have an unlimited supply of flax if you are careful after obtaining your first flax from a village. Upon looting flax, you can replant it to get more flax.


Your flax can grow more quickly if you plant it with the cultivator. Within a couple of days, once you plant 1 flax, you will have 2 flax. So, by planting a new field of flax, you are doubling your supply.

Uses of Flax

Currently, flax can only be used once in the game. The only use for it is to process it. And, by spinning flax, linen thread can be made. You can use this thread to create some of the more advanced armor in the game after creating it.

After you defeat the fourth forsaken, Moder, you will be able to craft the spinning wheel. Simply insert the spinning wheel into the input slot once you have it. Then insert the flax.

As with the charcoal kiln, the spinning wheel works similarly. It is simply a matter of throwing a bunch of the same ingredient into the spinning wheel and waiting for it to process.

All you need to do is add the flax. And, wait for the linen thread to appear.

Final Words

Thanks for reading this article. Now, you know how to get flax in valheim easily.

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