How to Get Fine Wood in Valheim (Guide)

It is extremely important to craft with Fine Wood in Valheim. It is needed for building a variety of tools and furniture in-game.

But, it can be extremely challenging to collect Fine Wood in Valheim as not all trees bear that specific variation. Fortunately, fine Wood can be collected from sources other than chopping down specific trees.

how to get finewood in valheim

It should not be difficult for players to gather the necessary quantity of Fine Wood if they are familiar with these techniques.

How to Get Fine wood in Valheim

Bronze Axes or higher are needed to chop down Birch and Oak trees. To craft a Bronze Axe, you will need four wood pieces, eight bronze pieces, and two leather scraps.

You can also obtain Fine wood from Shipwrecks that are located along the coasts of the Black Forest biome if you haven’t yet crafted a Bronze Axe.

A Stone axe is all that is needed for shipwrecks to be dismantled for their Fine wood, unlike Birch and Oak trees.

Therefore, this method is very viable for those who wish to avoid crafting Bronze items early in the game.

Where to Find Fine Wood

Each type of tree in Valheim drops a different type of wood. Initially, it can be confusing to figure out which trees produce this type of wood. Valheim has two types of trees that produce fine wood.

Oak Trees

In Valheim, you can harvest Fine Wood from the Oak tree. As with the Birch, you will need a Bronze Axe before you can cut this tree down.

The Oak tree is the largest and thickest tree near the game’s starting area. You should be able to find it easily.

The Oak tree is very thick and always brown in colour. Oak trees usually have a low canopy with many branches and leaves.

Cut down these trees by using the Bronze Axe to hit them until they fall and then chopping them up until they break.

Birch Trees

Fine Wood can also be found among Birch trees in Valheim. Birch trees have white leaves with black markings. Generally, they have thinner branches. Therefore, they can be easily cut down.

The Bronze Axe is required to cut down Fine Wood from it. In Valheim, birch trees can be found in the meadows and forests biomes.

If you fall other trees over a birch tree and roll them down a hill at it, you may be able to knock it down.

Final Words

It is very easy to get fine wood in Valheim. All you have to do ism follow the above mentioned steps. That’s all.

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