How to Get Feathers in Valheim (Guide)

To craft arrows in Valheim, you will need feathers. And, you already know that Valheim is filled with dangerous creatures and bosses like the Eikthyr and Elder.

So, you must be prepared to use different healing methods. Also, you must also master ranged and melee weapons so that you can survive.

how to get feathers in valheim

With this guide, we will look at this specific item that helps you with arrows. The following instructions will help you get Feathers in Valheim easily.

How to Get Feathers in Valheim

A beech tree and a fir tree shed feathers. A beech tree is found in a meadow while a fir tree is found in a forest.

The first few trees are usually scarce. Chests in burial chambers and abandoned buildings can contain larger numbers of feathers. However, they can be difficult to find.

So, obtaining feathers from birds is the best method of collecting them.

Getting Feathers in Valheim

Crows and seagulls in Valheim provide Feathers to players. And, most seagulls can be found along the coast. They are often the first bird that players see in a game.

In any biome, they can be spotted due to their white color and black tips. But, crows, on the other hand, can be harder to spot.

Their feathers are usually all black, and they are mostly found in the Black Forest. Players are likely to overlook them due to their black feathers.

A player will need a crafted bow or spear in order to farm feathers from birds. And, the best way to deal with them is to kill them from a distance.

Be aware that any movement will make them flee. So, it is strongly recommended that players do not try to snipe them in the air. Pulling off this maneuver is extremely difficult, wasting arrows in the process.

It is best to wait for a bird to land in an open area instead. Then all you have to do is the aim. Prior to playing, players are advised to practice their shooting.

In general, you should aim slightly above the intended target to take gravity into account.

It is important for players to aim, power up their shot, and release the ball. They should be able to see the bird erupt into a puff of smoke and sparkle as its corpse disappears.

There should be feathers scattered nearby. Repeat the process as needed to collect more feathers. Birds are most likely to be found by Vikings on the ground during and after rainy weather.

Final Words

The Valheim Crafting Benches can be used to create arrows using feathers. A huntsman’s bow, frost arrows, flintheads, needle arrows, fire arrows, and silver arrows are made of feathers.

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