How to Get Draugr Elite Trophy in Valheim (Easy)

The materials and objects in Valheim are diverse. In Valheim, you can craft so many different items from breaking down giant mosquitoes to crafting bows, to breaking down trees to make chests.

There is also a chance that some of the enemies in the game will drop trophies when you defeat them. One such trophy is the Elite Draugr Trophy.

It is one of the most difficult trophies to achieve in the game. Finding just one of these enemies is difficult enough. However, the chances of finding one and getting it to drop the item are next to impossible.

how to get draugr elite trophy in valheim

But, don’t worry. We will show you how to get an Elite Draugr Trophy. Let’s begin.

How to Get Draugr Elite Trophy in Valheim

There is a chance for you to receive a trophy when you defeat certain enemies. Like, you have a small chance of getting a deer trophy if you defeat a deer. You may also receive a skeleton trophy when you defeat a skeleton.

Valheim allows you to craft specific items with some of these trophies. However, most trophies are used primarily for decoration when hanging on a stand.

Among all of the trophies in the game, the Elite Draugr Trophy is one of the rarest. There is only one type of enemy that drops it: Elite Draugrs.

Getting an Elite Draugr Trophy

It is obvious that the best way to get an Elite Draugr Trophy is to defeat as many Elite Draugr as you can. By doing so, your chances of getting a trophy as loot are higher.

A higher star level will also increase the chances of Elite Draugr dropping a trophy. Now, to begin your search, you should head to the swamp since the Draugr tend to congregate there.

Then, find the place where Draugr spawn and wait to see one there. This will increase your chances of spotting an Elite Draugr.

A swamp is the best place in Valheim for finding Elite Draugr and getting an Elite Draugr Trophy. Then you’ll want to find a Body Pile, which will spawn different Draugr types indefinitely.

But, when you find one of these locations, you need to keep killing regular Draugr until Elite Draugr appear. You can now earn an Elite Draugr Trophy by defeating these enemies.

Wait For a Draugr Elite

This is the only way to get a Valheim trophy without cheating. And, before attempting to farm Elite Draugr Trophy at this location, you should make sure you have some decent gear and supplies.

Alternatively, you can set up a temporary base nearby with a spawn point in case anything goes wrong. There you will just sit around destroying Draugr until a trophy spawns and an Elite Draugr appears.

If you enjoy cooking in Valheim, this will be an excellent way to replenish your sausage supply. With this method, you just have to wait.

And, a Draugr Elite will eventually arise. And, after you defeat them, you’ll receive a trophy. However, if you don’t get one then just keep trying.

Also, avoid damaging the body pillow accidentally. Because this will prevent Draugr enemies from spawning here.

Draugr can spawn in other places as well. This location, however, has two spawners and is rather common in swamps.

Get Draugr Elite Trophies Through Cheating

The player can also spawn in any object in the game at any time. Each server owner has access to the command console.

So, to make the game easier, you can use this to input nearly endless amounts of cheats and commands. However, cheats must first be enabled before Draugr Elite Trophies can be spawned.

And, as soon as you are able to access the console, you can open it up by pressing F5 while playing the game. Then, type the following command exactly as it appears in the console.

And, when it is complete, press ENTER to activate the cheat commands.


After you’ve gained access to cheats, a message will inform you that using cheats is at your own risk. Now, with cheats enabled, you can spawn a Draugr Elite Trophy by entering the following command:

spawn TrophyDraugrElite

It is important to pay attention to spaces and grammar. All capital letters should be used as they appear above. And, to spawn multiple Draugr Elite trophies, simply follow the code up top with a number and a space.

It is important to remember that cheating can ruin your game experience. However, everyone plays games differently and wants to have fun.

Uses of Draugr Elite Trophies

There are several reasons why you might want to acquire a Draugr elite trophy. The first thing you may do is collect all the trophies in the game.

Then, press the TAB key to open the “Trophies” screen, and you’ll see a trophy-like icon. All the trophies that your character has accumulated in the game can be found here.

For some players, this screen is simply an exercise in collecting them all. And, each character has their own trophy screen. As a result, you will have to start fresh every time you start a new character.

Crafting and Upgrading the Iron Sledge

Iron sledges are currently among the most powerful blunt weapons in the game. A heavy-hitting two-handed hammer with a high knockback. This weapon will knock smaller enemies over.

And, finding the Draugr Elite Trophy will unlock the Iron Sledge for you. Additionally, if you plan to use the Iron Sledge later on in the game you will need to upgrade it.

The Iron Sledge can be upgraded fully with a total of one Draugr Elite Trophy. They didn’t want to make upgrading this weapon too challenging, so they didn’t make it too difficult.

It is so hard to even find a single Draugr Elite trophy in the first place. Imagine finding one trophy per level.

Also, in order to upgrade the sledge, you will need Ymir flesh. This can be purchased from the trader in unlimited quantities.

Using the Elite Draugr Trophy as Decoration

Trophy stands can be used to decorate your base with trophies. Players are able to attach items to item stands by first creating them and attaching them to surfaces.

You can also use enemy trophies as wall decorations. You can display your most recent victory with your friends.

And. you might also want to make a room where all the trophies from the game are displayed. So, just let your imagination run wild.

Final Words

This is all about how to get the draugr elite trophy in valheim. Do comment down whether you got this trophy or not.

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