How to Get Core Wood in Valheim (New)

In Valheim, different types of wood can be collected. And, they can then be used for crafting a variety of items.

The most common form is Core Wood. You can find it throughout the world in abundance. And, it is very easy to find it.

how to get corewood in valheim

So, during this Valheim Core Wood guide, we’ll examine how to get Core Wood in Valheim.

How to Get Core Wood in Valheim

The Black Forest is the best place to find Core wood. This is Valheim’s second biome.

It also contains more powerful enemies such as various types of Greydwarfs and skeletons equipped with swords and bows and arrows.

You’ll want to seek out Pine trees once you reach a Black Forest. Not to be confused with larger Fir trees, these are the skinnier trees.

And, the tree type can be determined by placing your mouse cursor on the trunk after walking up to it.

Stone axes can be used to chop pine trees. So, go ahead and start chopping. (cp)

Continue chopping the logs after you have felled the tree. They will separate into bundles and core wood.

And, that’s it.

Final Words

These trees are found in the Black Forest. But, sometimes you may not find a way to it.

So, it might be necessary to build a raft and cross rivers and lakes to find the Black Forest in your own game world if you’re having trouble finding it.

Note that all players’ worlds are randomly generated, so tracking down core wood and the Black Forest may take some exploration.

There are many other types of woods in the Black Forest as well such as Fine Wood, etc. You can visit there and gather all these different kinds of wood at once.

Do comment on any queries or suggestions that you want to share. Also, you can share your own strategy with us.



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