How to Get Copper in Valheim (Working)

The early hours of the co-op survival game can be spent making weapons and gear from wood and leather.

Nevertheless, once you’ve built a base and seen the world for yourself, you’ll want to start making metal items. And, you’ll need copper for this.

how to get copper in valheim

Here is How to Get Copper in Valheim.

How to Get Copper in Valheim

Players follow a carefully planned progression through Valheim. It starts with stone and flint tools and ends with metal tools and weapons.

The first step in the metal age of Valheim is finding and mining Copper Ore deposits.

Let’s take a look in detail.

Where to Find Copper

Your main goal in Valheim will be to locate Copper Ore deposits once you’ve defeated the first boss.

The Black Forest is the only place to find Copper Ore. It is found in large boulders on the Black Forest floor. In the rock, you should keep an eye out for shining veins of ore.

Try putting your crosshair over one if you are unsure. Your crosshair will display the text “Copper deposit” if it appears.

In addition to “Black Forest”, there does not seem to be any other criterion for their creation. When you first enter this biome, you’ll have to have a look around.

The Black Forest is almost always full of Copper Ore deposits. It is a good thing because Copper Ore is a non-renewable resource.

You will need to look somewhere else for more Copper once you’ve exhausted a deposit of Copper.

Mining Copper

Mining Copper Ore is the next step after you have found a Copper deposit. Antler Pickaxes can be used for this.

Copper deposits are actually huge boulders that extend underground, which many players don’t realize at first. But you only see a tiny part of the boulder at a time.

The boulder’s center is filled with dirt and rock. This can lead players to believe that they’ve mined the whole boulder when, in fact, they have only mined a section of it.

You can expect to find around 100 Copper Ore in even smaller boulders when fully excavated.

Until now, digging in the dirt next to Copper boulders has been the best method for fully excavating them. You can work your way around the boulder by finding its sides and digging underneath it.

The boulder can sometimes be fully dug out if the elevation is high. Sometimes, all the Copper Ore can break at once, showering you with dozens of pieces of metal. However, this rarely happens.

Still, it’s wise to find the boulder’s edges first. This way, you’ll know where you need to mine.

Smelting Copper

After you have mined Copper Ore, you will need to refine it into Copper Ingots. A Smelter is a place to do this.

The Surtling Core can be found in Burial Chambers as well as other dungeons across the map. A Smelter requires 5 Surtling Cores and 20 Stone.

Copper and coal can be fed into a smelter. It will produce copper ingots slowly. Copper ingots themselves are useful.

The reason is that you can use them to make a forge, a forge cooler, a copper knife, and a set of sconces to line your walls with light.

Final Words

You will be able to find copper easily in Valheim after reading this article. Do comment your queries or suggestions,

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