How to Get Copper in Cryofall [& Mining / Processing Steps]

There is no way the inhabitants of Cryofall can survive in the stone age without copper. Soft metals like this are commonly used in electronics. From the moment you start the game, you will be able to find and use this metal. Where does the copper in the game come from? To learn how to mine copper, check out this guide.

How to Get Copper in Cryofall

Copper ore is mined and processed in Cryofall to obtain copper. Surface mining is available in Cryofall for copper. As soon as you have your copper ore, you can use a furnace to turn it into ingots.

Copper can be obtained this way in Cryofall. This guide will also teach you where to find copper ore. Mining and processing copper ore will also be taught, so let’s get started.

 How to Get Copper in Cryofall
Copper ore deposit

Mining Copper Ore

The first step in obtaining copper ore is to mine it. Copper ore deposits actually look like the image above. Pickaxes of any quality are also required. Copper ore can also be mined with stone pickaxes.

There is a chance of finding copper ores randomly throughout boreal forests and other biomes, although rocky mountains are more likely to yield copper ores. On the map, the Rocky Mountains consist of a lot of greyish areas with rocks. Choose a mountain range that is closest to your base. Copper nodes can be found there.

The map above shows a rocky mountain. It is important to note that they are usually smaller sections within a biome. This page displays a detailed map of the nearest rocky mountains area to your base.

After finding this, lock on to a copper rock like the one in the picture above. Make sure your character is equipped with a pickaxe. The easiest way to mine a rock deposit is to hold down the left mouse button while you locate it. In your inventory at the bottom left of the screen, you will be able to find copper ore in the bottom left as the rock is damaged. Copper ore can be used once you have it.

Process Copper Ore into Copper Ingots

Once you’ve obtained copper ore, you’ll need to melt it! Researching the furnace is the first step. By pressing the G key, you can access the technologies panel.
We will teach you how to build and make new things in this course. Start with Tier 1. Then select Industry. Second on the list is a furnace.

As soon as you have completed the construction of the furnace, you can begin creating copper ingots. A toolbox is also required for the furnace, just like any other item. Stone is all you need to build a furnace. The total number of stones you need is 120. By pressing the B key, you can equip a toolbox to your quick bar and build a furnace. You’ll find it under Industry.

In order to melt copper, a furnace must be built. Click on Recipes in the menu. From the list, select Copper ingot. You will also be able to see how much copper ore you need. If you have five copper ores, you can make one copper ingot. Select a recipe. After that, drag all the copper ore into the furnace’s input area.

Copper ingots will be produced as soon as the fuel is added to the furnace. Copper ingots can be made from almost any fuel.

Crafting With Copper in Cryofall

There are many things you can create with copper. It is included in several early crafting objects, but is also needed throughout the game. Copper is the most commonly used element in electrical items. Electrical items are commonly made from copper, which is a conductor.


Copper must be used for electrical wires in Cryofall. You’ll need a lot of batteries if you plan on using electricity. Copper is one of the most versatile materials in the game. Many things need copper, including buildings, weapons, armor, and materials.

It is best to obtain copper as early as possible. As you can see, you can use it for a lot of things in your base. It’s even useful for making oil lamps!

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As technology advances, it is likely you will no longer need to use early materials. Copper is a material that you’ll need throughout the entire game.

The information in this guide should have given you everything you need to gather copper in Cryofall. Take advantage of your time in the area by mining as much copper as possible. A PvP server has no way of telling who is around the corner. Resource areas are often highly contested, so keep an eye on them.

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