How to Get Coordinates and Teleport in Valheim

There are two methods of teleporting in Valheim. First, the machine could be built from the parts after gathering them.

It could then be transported to Valheim. However, that would take time.

But, if you’d like access to some areas of the game world faster, you can choose a much faster method.

Fast travel in Valheim differs in that it is functionally unlimited as opposed to basic fast travel. The Teleporter won’t require you to collect Surtling Cores.

Sure, it would be a great mid-game goal. However, some players simply want to cheat.

how to get coordinates and teleport in valheim

So, let’s look at what you should do.

How to Get Coordinates and Teleport in Valheim

If you want to use any of these advanced commands, you must have cheats enabled through the in-game console before we begin.

And, for cheat commands to work, you must be an administrator of the server/world.

Using the F5 key, you can enable cheats in Valheim. Just type in ‘devcommands’. Hit enter.

When the cheat is done correctly, a message will appear stating that the cheat is true. And, pressing enter after typing ‘help’ will show you a list of available commands.

Finding Coordinates in Valheim

First, you need to figure out where you want to go if you plan to teleport. You can now use a code to find your location after enabling the cheats on your console.

Type ‘pos’ into the console to find your location. Then, click Enter. Pos means position.

After that, your current location will be shown as x,y,z coordinates.

You can move around the map and you can do this again to find different places on the map.

Each location value is relative to the beginning point on the map where the raven first flew with you. The summoning stones are not at 0,0.

Teleporting in Valheim

The Teleporter is an item that can be used to teleport in Valheim. It is a legit way to teleport in valheim.

A teleporter can be set up in two different places on the map. And, these can be moved between easily. However, this will consume a lot of resources.

In order to construct these teleporters, fine wood and a good amount of Surtling cores is required. And, by using the command console, you can use a cheat code to teleport to Valheim.

Write in ‘goto’ followed by your x, y, and z coordinates in order to teleport somewhere on the map. Spaces can be used to separate the coordinates.

Teleportation can also be achieved by entering only two values. The game will recognize them as the X and Z values.

The game will teleport you at that height. As an example, if you were on top of a mountain and teleported using only 2 values, you might fall from a great height.

So, you should enter the God Mode cheat before using any teleportation in Valheim just to be sure. The god mode can be activated by typing ‘god’ into the console and then hitting enter.

This will prevent you from taking fall damage. You can turn it off again in the same manner that you turned it on.


As you can see from the method above, you can find three values after inputting the command ‘pos’. From the x axis, y axis, and z axis, these numbers represented different areas of the map.

X and Z indicate where you are on a 2D map. A player’s height is determined by the middle value, or Y coordinate.

Changing this value to a very large number will result in you falling from the sky if you teleport to a location.

The value of this doesn’t matter when you input coordinates and teleport in Valheim. So, you will never get stuck in the ground, even if the value is technically below ground.

By opening up the map with the M key, you can see that the X value will increase if you move to the right.

To the left, the value will drop and can even become negative. Likewise, the Z value gets higher as you travel north on the map.

Similarly, the Z value gets lower as you travel south.

Final Words

We hope you have gained a greater understanding of how coordinates work in Valheim. And, using an estimation on the map, you can often guess where you need to teleport to.

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