How to Get Components in Rimworld [4 Methods]

You play the role of people colonizing new worlds in RimWorld. It is a colony survival game. It’s very similar to Prison Architect. The only difference is that you build up civilizations in it.

But, a game like RimWorld requires a lot of resources. Among them are components. They are needed to build and repair devices. They can also be used to make weapons, armor, and ship parts. But where can you get them? Find out in this guide.

What are Rimworld Components?

Machine parts are basically referred to as components. Consider a cog, or part of a computer. A wide variety of items can be manufactured in the game using components. As you progress through the game, you will need more of them after reaching a certain point. The purpose of this article is to explain what Rimworld components are, how they can be used, and how to obtain them.

How to Get Components in Rimworld

As a Rimworld player, you have to create firearms, armor, ship parts, or repair electrical devices. And, Components are needed for all of this. These are the necessary materials for creating and repairing stuff.

You will have 30 component units per colony if you start the game in the “Crashlanded” or “Rich Explorer” modes. In “Lost Tribe”, you will have none. So, if you’re not experienced, you should stay away from it.

components rimworld
Rimworld components

At first glance, thirty units may not seem like much. But, the items you construct will only take between one and three units. However, your research and unlocking more complex machinery will increase this number over time.

Because of this, it is a good idea to gather the Components regularly and use them sparingly. Fortunately, they can be easily found once you know where to look.

By using the Fabrication Bench, you can build your own components. But, the problem with steel is that it’s frequently in short supply.

However, there are several ways to obtain Components. Not all of these resources may show up immediately on your map.

But we’ll describe each stage below and the requirements so you can use it.

Let’s look at each method in detail.

Get Components by Mining

Within the mountains, you can find compacted machinery. In addition to this, in-game events can also drop meteors very rarely. And mining compacted machinery can yield components.

You do this by selecting the compacted machinery you wish to mine. On the HUD, select the option “Mine” to begin.

In the case of a miner, a colonist will go over to the Compacted machinery and mine it. Depending on the miner’s skill, components will be revealed in amounts from 1-3.

Alternatively, you can choose the mining command from the architect menu and then ‘paint’ the area to be mined.

Long-range mineral scanners and deep drills can also be used to mine components.

Get Components by Trading

Rimworld’s trading system is one of the simplest ways to acquire components. To get started, just select the appropriate world. Then set up a caravan with an excellent socially skilled colonist.

Make sure you bring Silver or other trading materials with you. Without a trade, you won’t be able to buy Components. If you forget your Silver, you can easily spend the whole day traveling.

If you’re satisfied with your caravan, you’ll be able to take a trip across Rimworld. You can then trade with friendly factions. It’s easy to trade almost anything.

The caravan, however, can be attacked. And also, there will be a long time during which some of your colonists are unavailable.

Components are also sometimes shipped into your colony by traders who are looking to trade. Unless you’re experienced, make sure not to purchase too much material from them.

Remember that you’re more likely to get bigger raids if the value of your colony is higher.

Get Components by Crafting

Making your way up the technology tree eventually unlocks the ability to craft components in Rimworld.

You will have to research the technology ‘Fabrication’ on the research tree to allow your colonists to build their own components.

Some mods provide their research trees. They may be crafted more easily or more difficultly. When using them, you should check the mod information.

In the Bills section, create a fabrication bench and select ‘craft components’ to create components. It takes 12 steel units per component.

However, for your colonist to be able to create components in Rimworld, he or she will also need a crafting skill level above 8.

Get Components by Disassembling

Components can always be obtained from mechanoids if you run out of mining areas nearby. Scythers, Centipedes, and Lancers constitute the three types of mechanoids.

You can find them inside ancient ruins, mountains, or at random events. An entire mechanism can be disassembled on a machining table for 50 steel, 10 plastic, and two components.

But, the Centipede may not contain all the material if it was damaged during combat. You get less material when there is less of a centipede.

Scythers and Lancers can also be disassembled into 20 Steel, one Plastic, and one Component.

But, for getting Components, dismantling is a short-term solution. Only a small portion of the components are recovered. This method should only be used for emergencies.

During the game, you can also deconstruct chunks of ships to get some components.

You’ll receive an in-game notification if these items crash on the map. If you scan your map, you can see where they are.


Where can I buy advanced components in RimWorld?

It is only possible to purchase advanced components from orbital traders, outlanders, and the Empire.

The Advanced Components can also be collected from crashed ship parts or purchased from traders.

What is the easiest way to get components in RimWorld?

Rimworld’s trading system is one of the most straightforward ways to get Components. Set up a caravan with a colonist who has excellent social skills and select a world from the bottom menu. Don’t forget to bring Silver or other trading materials on your journey.

Final Words

We have provided different ways to get Components in Rimworld in this article. To get other objects, you can mine, craft, buy, or deconstruct them.

Trading with friendly factions is the easiest way. But, before going on a journey, ensure you have the materials you need.

With these tips, you should be able to get all the Components you need to ensure the survival of your colony.

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