How to Get Coal in Valheim (Complete Guide)

You will need coal in Valheim. It is a material of importance as well as fuel in this game.

But where can you get coal?

Is it a craftable item or can you find it in the world?

how to get coal in valheim

Let’s find out about how to get coal in valheim.

How to Get Coal in Valheim

In Valheim, coal can be collected three different ways.

And, each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some are riskier than others, and one is just an all-around great way to go about it.

As soon as you begin playing, you’ll be able to get coal so easily that even characters who have just begun playing can do it.

All you need is a fireplace. We will explain that method in detail.

Meanwhile, let’s check out all the methods through which you can get coal in Valheim.

Getting Coal Using a Charcoal Kiln

You can craft a Charcoal kiln once you’ve collected enough Surtling cores. This is the most common source of coal in Valheim.

Prepare the materials and lay them out outside your shelter once you have them.

The Charcoal Kiln does not need a roof. It will even run in the rain.

Wood is thrown in front of the charcoal kiln in order to make coal.

To use the charcoal kiln, you need to collect some wood and interact with the front.

This will consume the wood. When this is done, coal will be released.

When you put in one wood, one coal will be produced.

It is possible to use both fine wood and core wood in the charcoal kiln.

The kiln should be used with care if you have these woods on hand.

You might accidentally burn a supply of valuable wood by mistake.

Getting Coal Using a Fireplace

You will build a fireplace as one of the first crafting facilities you will build.

You can cook raw meat you find in the fireplace and cooking station.

Many players may not be aware that you can obtain coal from the fireplace very early on in the game.

You can get coal from a fireplace by keeping the food that has been left thereafter it has been cooked.

The food will become coal if it is left on too long after it has cooked.

Get the coal off the cooking station by interacting with it.

Coal can be obtained in this way, but it is the least efficient way. The meat takes a long time to become coal.

But, if you do not have enough Surtling cores to build a Charcoal Kiln, then this will be your only option.

It is also the safest way to get coal is to use a fireplace.

In order to get meat, you must only defeat anything that drops meat, such as a deer or a neck.

Getting Coal as Loot From Enemies

You will realize that there are many different kinds of enemies in Valheim if you play the game long enough.

As you defeat them, different types of loot will drop.

A creature called a Surtling drops coal when defeated. This creature will occasionally drop Surtling cores as well.

In general, however, it always drops coal.

Take the time to look for fire shooting out of the swamp if you don’t have time to wait for your coal to be produced in the kiln.

You can find Surtlings here, or alternatively, you can take a very long ship ride south and search for Ashlands biomes.

As soon as they discover an outsider in their midst, they will throw a ball of fire at you and become aggressive.

Using Coal

Coal can be used to build a Forge, which requires 4 Stone, 4 Coal, 10 Wood, and 6 Copper.

As well as using coal for smelting copper, tin, iron and silver, coal can also be used for smelting silver.

You will need 20 Stones, five Surtling Cores, and a Workbench to build the Smelter.

Final Words

Coal is a very vital element in the game early on. And, having a good stock of it gives a great advantage.

So, follow the tips in this article and collect a heap of coal in Valheim.

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