How to Get Coal in Cryofall [& How to Find It]

Cryofall allows you to use coal as a resource to complete your projects, allowing you to do whatever you want with it. Since coal serves primarily as a fuel source, it is also used in crafting recipes. The first step in mining coal is to know where to look for it and how to do it. Here is a guide to finding coal as easily as possible. Also, it tells you how to maximize coal’s efficiency.

How to Get Coal in Cryofall

Cryofall’s best way to obtain coal is to mine it from the planet’s surface. Boreal Forests, Rocky Mountains, and Swamps are all places where coal deposits can be found. These are the places you should visit. Large black rocks will be visible. Pickaxes can be used on these rocks. Coal will be produced in this way.

On the following map, the boreal forest area is illustrated as it appears.

how to get coal in cryofall

What Does Coal Look Like and How is it Used?

This is what the coal looks like in CryoFallNow that you know where to look, we will tell you everything you need to know about coal. In the game, coal is one of many resources. On the map, you can find smaller rock formations that are suitable for mining this resource.

A large, jagged black rock is depicted in the image below as coal. Any pickaxe can be used to mine coal in Cryofall. It includes the stone pickaxe that you can make right away.

The primary use of coal is to fuel fires, as you can probably guess from its use in real life. Campfires and cooking stoves can be powered by coal. Several advantages are associated with the fuel. Unlike wood logs or charcoal, it burns much longer.

There are three sections in the menu of the cooking stove: input, output, and fuel. When you drag coal into the fuel area, it can be used to burn other products. Putting it in the fuel area will cause it to burn. Using another resource that is less important would be better in that situation.

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Crafting With Coal

Besides being used as fuel, coal is also used in the game for other purposes. A lot of crafting recipes require coal as a resource. Coal, for example, can be used to create your first electrical item.

A disposable battery can only be crafted in Cryofall by finding raw coal. Building a chemical laboratory and researching rafting recipes will be the first steps. Your coal (as well as a few other items) must be brought to the laboratory. It is then possible to create a disposable battery.

Coal can be used to craft many items, and this is just one. At this point in the game, it is not possible to craft your own coal. Coal cannot be converted from any other item.

It is only possible to mine coal directly from the surface of the planet. There is also the possibility of making plastic from coal. In addition to coal, there are other valuable resources.

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