(Easy) How to Get Cloudberries in Valheim

Throughout Valheim, berries can be found in the wild in all biomes. And, early access to the game offers three types of berries: blueberries, raspberries, and cloudberries.

how to get cloudberries in valheim

This guide will focus on cloudberries. You should keep reading if you’re interested in growing cloudberries.

How to Get Cloudberries in Valheim

As the player explores Valheim, they can find different types of berries including cloudberries. These berries are much larger than the others.

And, because they resemble clouds, they have this name. The players in Valheim may consume them to increase their stamina and health.

The player can both consume cloudberries on their own and mix them with other ingredients at the cauldron in Valheim. Different types of dishes can also be made in the game with better stats by doing this.

Cloudberries give 15 extra health and 25 stamina when eaten on their own. And, a player will remain satiated for 800 seconds after eating them. Each ‘tick’ will heal 1 health point to the player.

Where will You get Cloudberries?

When exploring the plains biome, one can find cloudberries. There are berries bushes on the ground that the player can see.

Cloudberries are among the easiest berries to locate and obtain due to the dense vegetation of the plains. It can be challenging to find blueberries and raspberries, however.

It appears that the berries do not spawn very often in the forest, since it is generally rather dense. But, unlike the other two kinds of berries, cloudberries spawn in large patches and will respawn after harvest.

See if you can find any small plants with yellow berries on the ground. Once you have located what you believe to be cloudberry, approach the plant.

Then, press the E button to interact with it. The berry will be released. But, avoid damaging the plant.

Since the berries will return in a few days. You will be able to harvest them over and over again. They, generally, spawn in large patches, so keep an eye out for them.

Uses of Cloudberries

Cooking With Cloudberries

For the player to make, there are many different cooking recipes available. The player will be able to cook using different recipes after crafting a cauldron and placing it over a lit fireplace.

This will allow them to cook different meals they can consume immediately. You can make mead, wine, potions, and potions from bases you make for mead, wine, and potions.

Tame Lox Beasts

Lox is one of Valheim’s only beasts of burden, seen only in the Plains biome. They can be tamed. But, it’ll be harder than when you attempted it with wolves and boars.

  • As with Boars and Wolves, you can tame Lox.
  • Start the taming process by dropping Cloudberries for the Lox to eat.
  • Once you have successfully tamed a Lox, you can feed it when it is hungry.
  • A stone fence is the best way to tame Lox. These creatures are able to easily damage wooden structures.

How to Farm Cloudberries in Valheim

For those who are confused, Farm needs a bit of context. An item is ‘farmed’ in a videogame when a large quantity of it is collected as quickly and easily as possible.

This does not necessarily mean growing plants and crops.

Getting a lot of cloudberries is as simple as wandering around the plains. Look for large plains biomes. You’ll find a lot of cloudberry patches.

Markdown on your map where these patches of cloudberries are located. Next, build a portal near these patches.

It is possible to create a kind of cloudberry farm this way. The game consists of sprinting around a track and collecting cloudberries every time.

And, the portal will take you to the plains and to your cloudberry route every two or three in-game days. This is because they will constantly respawn in cloudberries.

Final Words

Valheim does not currently allow you to grow your own cloudberries or other types of berries. There will be an update for the game known as ‘hearth and home’ soon so this section of the page is merely for placeholder purposes.

So, new cooking recipes will be introduced as well as more building materials and objects. There is also a possibility that cloudberries will be able to be farmed.

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