How to Get Clay and Bricks in Going Medieval

Bricks have remained one of the most popular building materials throughout history. Early access to Going Medieval follows the same pattern. Building materials are readily available if you dig up clay and fire it into bricks.

 This is the place you need to be if you’re wondering where to find clay and how to mine it! The purpose of this guide is to show you how to obtain clay for brick making and how to make them.

Finding and Mining Clay in Going Medieval

Finding clay is obviously the first step in getting some. The first time you try to find clay, you may have a hard time. It’s easy to spot after seeing a couple of images. Clay can be found on every layer of the ground. Clay is very common on the surface and should be easy to find. 

Search around on the ground and look for a brownish rocky looking surface. Whenever you hover your mouse over an area on the ground, information will appear at the bottom left. Based on this, you can determine what type of resource is available in the area. Below is an image you can check out.

medieval clay mining
On the bottom left of the screen there is information regarding the terrain

Once you know what clay looks like, you should be able to spot it pretty easily. The resource is common, as mentioned previously. A settler can now mine clay for us now that we have found some.

Mining Clay in Going Medieval

Choosing the mine action will allow you to mine clay. Furthermore, you can paint large areas or select specific areas using this tool. In Mine mode, left-click on smaller clay squares to select them. 

Mine can be selected by pressing the Mine button at the bottom right of the UI. A pickaxe icon appears here. Alternatively, you can simply press N without selecting anything.

You can mark an area after choosing to mine. The mining tool shows a little more information about the resource that is being mined, as can be seen in the image above. 

This graph shows how much of the resource has been mined and how much remains. You will now send your settlers to mine some clay that you’ve chosen.

Assigning a Settler to the Mining Job

When you find that none of your settlers are mining, that may be due to them not being assigned to the mining task. There may be a higher priority for other jobs, or it may not be a priority at all. On the top of the screen, click the Jobs button. A minimum of one settler should be assigned to mining. It is best to choose someone who has actual mining experience. It will save them time and prevent them from making mistakes.

Researching Clay Brick Crafting

 Research for Clay Brick Making
Clay Brick Making must be researched through the research tab before a kiln can be built

When you start a new game, you will not be able to make clay bricks. Research is the first step in developing any technology. The research task of creating clay bricks is relatively new. You will be able to unlock it within a short period of time. You can access the research menu at the top of the UI if you already own a research bench and have unlocked research.

Check out Going Medieval’s guide on research if you aren’t sure where to start. Research will be explained and ways to gain access to new research will be shown.

For Clay Brick Making research, you will need 35 chronicles once the research is up and running. The initial Architecture research requires 15 hours. Clay Brick Making takes another 20 minutes. Above is an example. After researching this and unlocking it, you can create a kiln and produce bricks.

How to Craft Bricks in Going Medieval

The production stage has finally arrived! Many things can be done with clay. It can even be used to create clay walls directly. Bricks can, however, be made from clay best. Building structures with clay will be much stronger and more stable if you process the clay into bricks. In addition, brick walls are much more attractive than raw clay walls. A kiln must first be built.

Building a Kiln for Clay Bricks

During the brickmaking process, clay is heated in a kiln. After researching the correct topic, we should be able to build this. From the bottom of the screen, select the Production building menu. All of your unlocked production facilities can be found here. 

It’s best to place the kiln at the bottom. Once you select this kiln, you’ll see a sub-menu. Here, you can choose between clay or limestone for the kiln. The strength of limestone is a little higher. As long as raiders don’t attack it, it doesn’t really matter.

Place the blueprint down on your preferred material. This will be built by a colonist assigned to construction. It depends on whether the materials are available. It can be built quickly by selecting a settler. You can find the Prioritize Building button by right-clicking the blueprint. We are now able to produce bricks now that we have a kiln running!

How to Produce Bricks From Clay

How to make clay bricks
Using the kiln menu, you can create bricks.

Our clay build is now complete, so we can begin production. Our kiln must be found for this. To access the kiln’s production menu, select it. The Products area of this menu has two icons at the top. Clay Bricks are on the left, while coal is on the right. The Clay Bricks option is obviously the best choice.

As soon as you select the bricks, a job will appear in the production queue. Choosing how many bricks to make is possible in this area. The number of bricks you keep in stock, the amount you create, or the number you create forever can be controlled. 

As long as your settlers have clay to make bricks, they will continue to make them. Bricks should be created without any additional steps. In the kiln, your settlers will throw clay.

The clay should also be kept close to the kiln. Stockpiles can be created near the kiln. It should only contain clay. Bricks can be produced without settlers having to walk too far.

Building With Bricks

how to make clay for building
From the left-hand menu, you can choose a different building variant

What do we do with bricks now that we have them? Of course, we build! The Base menu is located at the bottom left of the screen and is where we will build with bricks or any other material. The F1 key could also be pressed without anything selected. Wooden walls are most likely the only ones available for building. 

This is what we are looking for at the moment. Upon selecting the wooden wall, a submenu will appear on the right side of the build menu. The wall material can be changed here. The Clay Brick wall can be found in this list. Build brick walls wherever you want in your colony by clicking and dragging!

What Else?

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Final Words

That’s all there is to it. Other building pieces have also been updated with some nice new variants. It is possible to build brick floors and roofs, for example. Buildings will now be much better and stronger for you!

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