How to Get Chipped Stone in Project Zomboid

One of the most important items for your survival journey is a chipped stone. The tools that you need for survival can be hard to find in the world as loot. You will also have to find chipped stones to make your survival tools.

how to get chipped stone in project zomboid

So, in this article, you will learn how you can obtain chipped stone and what it is used for in Project Zomboid.

How to Get Chipped Stone in Project Zomboid

There are two ways to get most items. Some materials and items can be crafted or looted from the world. But, chipped stone is often mistaken for regular stone, which you can use to craft chipped stone.

Sadly, in the current version of Project Zomboid, you cannot craft chipped stone.

Stone can only be obtained by foraging in Project Zomboid. There is no other way to obtain it. There is also no way to craft chipped stone.

This may be changed by mods. However, in the base game, you’ll have to look for it in the forest. You’ll have to go outside the city to a foraged area to find chipped stone.

Forests are the best place to find it. Click on the ground for chipped stone. Then, click on forage when it becomes available.

You will just have to select the option to search for materials since chipped stone is a material. Chipped stone can be found at any foraging level.

Your character will eventually have the ability to find chipped stone, even if it is their first time foraging.

The first time you forage you might not find it. In this case, simply move to another location. Repeat this process until you are successful.

Chipped stones will be visible in the foraging screen once your character has found them.

The foraged items will be placed immediately wherever you have selected them to appear. By default, they will appear in your main inventory.

Uses of Chipped Stone in Project Zomboid

You are tasked with surviving the zombie apocalypse in the game. By avoiding zombies completely, you are most likely to succeed.

Before the world ended, most people lived in densely populated areas, which is why most zombies are found here. So, finding an area outside of the city is best for keeping your character alive and avoiding enemies.

In the city, you’ll have to create your own useful tools to use. For instance, axes and spears. Natural resources can be used to build more things as you level up your survivalist skill tree.

Chipped stone is used to create some of the best and most common tools. It is made of ripped sheets, branches, and a chipped stone, for example.

In addition to being a good sharp weapon, this is also used for other purposes. In particular, it is used to craft other items. A spear is among the most powerful weapons in the game currently.

It can be made with either a knife or by bending branches. But, if you don’t have a chipped stone you can use the branch itself to grind down into a sharp stick.

Final Words

Now, you know about how to get chipped stone in project zomboid. Just, follow the steps mentioned in this article and you will soon have a handful of chipped stones.

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